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I have always been really passionate about reading, which is pretty obvious since I chose to major in English with a focus on the Literature track; however, there have been many points in my life where it has become quite difficult to find any time at all to read for pleasure. This past summer I was able to get back to reading as often as I could – I even made myself read every night before bed – and it brought so much fulfillment and peace into my life.

And then the fall semester started. During summer I was working at my current job and I had one or two summer courses, but for the most part, I had just enough free time to fit in some reading into my day, especially because I wasn’t feeling exhausted all of the time. But fall semester proved to be a lot more intense, especially because of the English courses I’m taking that require me to read specific books. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is having a hectic fall semester, especially as we readjust to being on campus again after the pandemic, so there are probably many who are struggling to read for fun again.

And reading for a class just doesn’t feel the same; it’s more like an obligation rather than for entertainment purposes. I realized how much this was bothering me, and I realized that I wasn’t doing as much as I could. Instead of sitting outside my class for 20 minutes waiting for my professor to get there just scrolling through my phone, I could be getting through a few pages of a good book. Instead of just sitting in my car waiting for the food I ordered to be ready, I could listen to some music and read while I pass the time. Instead of just sitting at my job waiting for a customer to walk in when it’s ridiculously dead, I could bring my book with me and read when there’s nothing to do (as long as my boss is okay with it).

I realized that in all of those little empty moments I have, I could read instead of just going on my phone or doing nothing. Even if I can only get through a few pages, it’s still enough to bring me that fulfillment I get from books. If you’ve always enjoyed reading, and you have felt a little estranged from books lately, this is something you can definitely try out!

Rachel is currently an English Major at Florida International University. She loves fashion, movies, books, and theater. Her dream is to move to California and work for a publishing company while she auditions for acting roles on the side. The arts are her passion, and this includes writing! If you ever want to discuss any of these things with her, feel free to reach her at her Instagram @rachelglez.