Finally Hitting the Twenties

It almost seems impossible to visualize and understand the fact that life is in fact short and it passes by us every day. There are times where I find myself pondering over the yester years, from that exhilarating moment in Disney to the joy of the holidays with presents that followed. It almost seemed inevitable that my childhood would no longer be a factor of the present, but rather the past. In a couple short weeks, I will be hitting my first true adult age, 20. The number sounds young, but yet with vocalization sounds mature. I sometimes never truly understood the meaning of age, and what each passing birthday brought to us. I seemingly passed by my old room the other day and found a lot of treasure that consisted of Barbie’s and children’s books. What seems like hoarding to most is a bountiful amount of memories to my mother. When I am officially 20, no one wonder call me a kid, nor would they be as serious to me as a full-grown adult. It stands as an awkward year, as it is the year that separates adolescence to what adults are categorized under (21 of course). Being 20 is on the other hand, a wondrous milestone for those who anticipate adulthood and wish to be treated with equal respect. It is a great time for these young adults to see the world, find their role, and explore life’s greatest blessings. The age, though it creeps on those as a good and bad thing, will not define the person. After all, isn’t age just a number? Or is it?