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 As we welcome the new year, we hope to figure out our lives based on the uncertainty that was perpetuated last year. With so much confusion and uncertainty while trying to transition into the “new normal”, none of us can predict what the future holds. However, one thing we can predict is fashion. Based on accelerated trends like Y2K and 70s inspired fashion, nostalgia is the main ingredient in 2020s fashion. This is all thanks to fashion’s 20-year rule, a cycle that “holds true for music, decor, television, film, and art more broadly. Consider some of your favorite television shows from the past 10 years, and there’s a good chance there’s at least one 90s remake or spinoff among them.” Here is a list of trend predictions based on early observations on fashion trends based on celebrity influence, pop culture, and fashion runways.

  1. Unique Shoes: Inspired by the creativity and eccentric style of the 2020s, unconventional heels will be all the rage. The days of “basics” will be behind us once embellished heels start popping up in more runways and fashion magazine for the Spring 2022 fashion collection. Cosmopolitan’s Danielle Flum claims to “Expect (very) tall platforms that’ll give you serious height, heels with the coolest geometric shapes and detailing, and even a sporty sandal comeback.”
  2. Statement bags: Based on quirky aesthetics and motifs that are reminiscent of youth, statement bags will be more colorful and youthful styles. These bags will not only play with color and shape, but material as well. Not only these bags have different variations of camp but offer unique stylistic choices.
  3. Jumpsuits: You may recall the romper trend of the 2010s that was all the rage. In 2021, jumpsuits have been predicted to make a serious comeback due to the popularization of the 1970s. Jumpsuits are very much versatile, both fashionable and practical making it the perfect edition for any modern fashion trend.

4. Cutouts: While alternatives like to claim this trend, cutouts have been considered part of mainstream fashion for decades. The revival of this trend was very much influenced by raunchy cutout dresses like Madison Beer or Meghan Fox’s Mugler dress. With some aesthetics taking inspiration from futuristic films like the Fifth Element, cutouts have been featured on multiple celebrities from Doja Cat to Euphoria actress, Barbie Ferreria.

5. Gloves: For health and safety reasons, gloves have been worn throughout the entire pandemic and have not been this popularized in the 21st century. With this accessory, gloves can be a statement piece or a wardrobe staple. Long-length gloves have been spotted not only on fashion runways but also on multiple celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Anya Taylor-Joy.

6. Neckties: With the modern pop-punk revival with the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Willow Smith, and Machine Gun Kelly, dressing from the 2000s pop-punk era has been revived for this decade. Neckties can either be worn as the main accessory to a genderless ensemble to a 2000s pop-punk aesthetic.

7. Newsboy Caps: With the revival of 2000s fashion trends, statement hats were spotted for most of 2020 and 2021. With the popularization of the Von Dutch Trucker Hat and bucket hats, Newsboy Caps are sure to make a comeback as well.

8. Hairbows: From the last five years, we’ve seen a variety of different hair accessories. Some notable mentions are headbands, butterfly hair clips, and claw clips. Hence, I wouldn’t be surprised if hairbows make a return. Hairbows not only look more elegant and classy but, it a sense of youthfulness too.

9. Plaid: With its versatility, plaid will most likely be seen in unconventional colors or with abstract lines that make this statement garment unique from previous styles. Unlike houndstooth or argyle that derive from Old Money connotations, plaid can be either alternative or academic.

10. Velvet: With many styles taking influence from the past, velvet garments are sure to be revived this year. Offering a more romantic and elegant vibe, velvet can elevate any peter pan collar dress, blazers, or suits.

Amanda Ultimo is an international business major with an associate's in Business Administration. Serving as Lead Campus Ambassador for The Women's Network and former Treasurer for WGSA, both organizations that focus on Women's Rights and Equality. Amanda also provides written pieces about fashion, culture, art, and beauty.
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