Fashion phenomenon, Karl Lagerfeld, dies at 85

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019, Karl Lagerfeld, one of the world’s most iconic and influential fashion designers of the 20th and 21st centuries died in Paris at the age of 85.

Lagerfeld was widely known as the creative director for Chanel, since 1983, and Fendi, since 1965. He later developed his own fashion line.

Lagerfeld discovered his love and brilliance for fashion at an early age. At only 14, he moved to Paris to begin his fashion career. After two years in Paris, he started submitting sketches and designs to fashion competitions. He ended up winning first place in the coat category and meeting another winner, who would later also become a global fashion icon, Yves Saint Laurent.

Lagerfeld reinvented the fashion game with his cutting-edge style and “bold, ready-to-wear pieces.” During the 80’s, Lagerfeld had a reputation for jumping from one label to another until he settled with the iconic fashion house, Coco Chanel.

At the time, he did what everyone thought was impossible; he completely revamped Chanel, which was almost at the point of extinction, with his ready-to-wear fashion line.

During his time with Fendi, he reimagined the seemingly “boring” brand and introduced the concept of “Fun Fur” with his technique of shaving, coloring and transforming furs. It’s rumored that Fendi’s iconic FF logo got its start with Lagerfeld’s Fun Fur concept.

A true fashion icon before his time, Lagerfeld was hardly ever seen without his dark glasses, sleek silver ponytail and fingerless gloves. His style made him one of the most recognizable men in the fashion world.

His health began sparking concern for the public when he missed the end of his Chanel shows in Paris earlier this year. The fashion house stated his absence from the shows was due to him being “tired.”

Days later, Chanel announced the passing of their beloved fashion guru.

His death was a tragic loss to many in the fashion industry. Hundreds of designers, models, actors, actresses and close friends Lagerfeld worked with over the years all took to social media to pay this fashion icon tribute.

Lagerfeld was adamant about being cremated and having his ashes dispersed with his mother’s. Chanel told French News Agency that they will be honoring his final wishes.

Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, Choupette, who even has her own Instagram, is set to inherit a portion of Lagerfeld’s $195 million fortune.