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The False Reality of Kylie’s Pregnancy

Kylie Jenner is living in a world of teenage motherhood fantasy.


The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, finally revealed the fact that she really was, in fact, pregnant all along and has already given birth this past weekend. Her pregnancy journey was revealed to her fans through a heartfelt Instagram Post and an 11-minute video on her YouTube channel. Although Kylie had every right in posting her journey on her social media outlets, she is sending a false message about pregnancy and motherhood to young women all over the world.


Kylie’s fans range in gender, ethnicity and age, but we can all agree her target audience is young girls. Now that her pregnancy video was released, millions of teens and young adults are going to believe pregnancy is easy and manageable for a 20-year-old, when in most cases it’s not. In a clip from her pregnancy video, one of Kylie’s friends asked, “What if she’s, like, anti- makeup?” Well, Kylie’s daughter being anti-makeup seems to be the only issue they’ve fathomed possible to arise throughout her privileged pregnancy. Looks like there are more consequences to raising a baby other than whether or not she will be into makeup like mommy.


Vilma Ruddock, M.D., wrote in her article on teen pregnancy that “nearly two-thirds of pregnant teens receive government assistance,” during and after labor, meaning most are not financially stable to raise a baby in the first place.


While “King Kylie” flaunts her perfectly curated baby’s closet and nursery, supportive family and boyfriend, and luxurious lifestyle as a pregnant 20-year-old, young girls all over the world believe this pretty picture Ms. Jenner has painted is realistic. Few, however, agree with my stance on this. Of course, if you are a 20-year-old makeup mogul who rose to social media stardom through reality show tv and various clothing lines, then surely you have the means to raise a baby. However, most us, let alone young girls, are nowhere near having anything close to Kylie’s luxuries. She should have used her platform to educate young girls on the consequences and hardships of teen pregnancy, not just to flaunt all over social media how easy and great teen pregnancy can be.


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