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Falling In Love With Yourself

One of our primitive goals as humans is to search for love, acceptance, and happiness from other people. Believe it or not, we are social creatures by nature. But ultimately- love, acceptance, and happiness have to come from within first. Depending on other people for these things will lead to a lot of disappointment and hurt.  It is extremely important that you treat yourself as well as you’d treat someone you’re with or trying to pursue. We often do all of these kind and astonishing things for others, but rarely do them for ourselves. You don’t have to stop doing nice things for others, but you definitely have to start doing them for yourself too.

It is time that you learn to fall in love with yourself.

Although these things may seem a little strange at first, they helped me get to where I am today- a strong, self-assured confident woman. 


  1. Take yourself out on a date. Find out what it is that you like to do and notice all of your little quirks (and admire them). 
  2. Write down characteristics about yourself. From everything you love/admire about yourself to the things you don’t. Writing down these characteristics will make you realize that you’re a catch. I am willing to bet you have amazing characteristics that you never even noticed until you truly thought about them and wrote them down. As for the list of things you’re not necessarily fond of, you can choose to improve them, or just accept that the things you don’t like about yourself makes you raw and imperfectly perfect. Plus, just because you may not like them doesn’t mean they’re not appealing qualities. 
  3. Find a new skill you’ve always wanted to master. You may surprise yourself in how well you’re performing and find a new hobby, or you’ll learn something new and have a great new story to tell. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to compliment yourself. If you like the way something looks on you- voice it. Self-confidence is nothing to be ashamed about. 


These are just a couple of things I did to fall in love with myself. There are many different things you can do- but its important that you just learn who you are and accept/love yourself for it. Falling in love with yourself is a journey, but it’ll lead to knowing your self-worth. Nobody is able to put you down if you know exactly who you are and what you can bring to the table. You’ll gain confidence, you’ll be kinder to yourself, and you’ll be less critical of the choices you make. 

As one of my favorite TV characters Carrie Bradshaw said, “Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.”


♡ AB

Cover photo credit: https://fredandfar.com/products/love-yourself-first-enamel-pin

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