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Cozy sweaters? Check. Pumpkin spice drinks? Check. Knitted sweaters? Check. With Fall right around the corner, I have compiled a list of simple to more creative activities that can be done this upcoming season. (Including a marathon of the Harry Potter Series!)

Carve Pumpkins

This may be a simple and typical fall activity, but carving pumpkins never gets old! I don’t know about you, but the idea of carving pumpkins gets me so excited for the fall season and there are so many ways to make it even more exciting. You could do a pumpkin carving contest with friends, you could decorate your house with them, or you could use the seeds to make some tasty treats!

Bake Halloween cookies and making caramel apples

The fresh smell of baked cookies in a home is by far one of my favorite smells and is an absolute welcoming scent. Also, creating caramel apples means that you can customize our candy apples with whatever toppings we want like crushed Oreos, crushed nuts, sprinkles, shredded coconut, and so much more.

Get lost in a corn maze/visiting a corn maze

Explore the wonders of a corn maze. The main objective you may asks? To find a way out of the maze in a timely manner, but also have a fun time with friends doing something out of the ordinary.

Create a gratitude list

When we make a gratitude list, we are reminding ourselves about what we are grateful for in our lives, along with how much we should appreciate the little things. Taking a few moments of your day to simply reflect on all the things you have to be grateful for will really put you in the fall mood of gratitude.

Host a movie marathon with family or friends

Enjoy your favorite autumn-like movies with your family at the comfort of your home with a nice cup of cocoa. Our top picks for the season is the “Harry Potter” series, along with “Hocus Pocus”, and the “Halloween Town” series, which can be found on Disney+

Visiting a local pumpkin patch

Who doesn’t like the sound of visiting a local pumpkin patch? You get the chance to take cute pumpkin themed photos and go pumpkin picking for the best pumpkins. These pumpkins can then be taken home to carve, eat, or decorate.

Go on a solo Fall picnic date

Take some time off out of your busy schedule to plan a solo picnic date full of autumn-like eating good food while enjoying the fresh air and changes in weather that autumn brings.

Volunteer at shelters/food banks

Giving back especially during this time of year can be a wonderful activity. You would be giving back to others who may not be given the opportunity that many others may have.

Roasting marshmallows

Sitting by a bonfire with your loved ones and enjoying the soft and gooey deliciousness of a roasted marshmallow is another great activity. Additionally, it provides you great time to stargazing and enjoy the simple things in life like being in the moment and relaxing.

Read books to get you into the season

Reading books that relate to the season really puts me more into the Fall spirit. If you need a list of autumn books to read check out our previous article for some great suggestions.

Kaitlin is a current senior majoring in Marketing '22.
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