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Supernatural, the show that gave the public Sam and Dean Winchester, the phrase “saving people, hunting things”, and gave birth to the #spnfamily is coming to an end. After 15 seasons the seemingly “undying” show has met its end. The announcement of this was very bittersweet to many fans because of their love for the characters. However, the love they have for the cast superseded any sadness of it ending and the announcement was reciprocated with nothing but love and support. In the announcement, the sadness from Jensen (Dean), Jared (Sam), and Misha (Castiel) could be felt through the screen of the phone. The video broke many fan’s hearts especially when they looked into Jared’s watery eyes. The emotion put into the video showed fans how much this show meant to not only the fans but them too.  

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of watching the show, it stars two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester and it follows them while they search around the country to find their father. Along the road they run into many obstacles all while hunting creatures like Vampires, Wendigos, and even fairies! Each episode aired in the beginning seasons dealt with the brothers hunting a creature their father had them seek out. Since the first seasons are slightly repetitive, it’s said that the plot of the show starts off a bit slow like the first seasons of The Office. Nonetheless, the plot does end up thickening and the show gets to be very addictive. Overall, Supernatural is not only a show about fighting monsters, it’s much more. The show encompasses various themes but the most important one in this show is family. There is a huge sense of family in this show not only inside of the show with the Winchester brothers, but outside of it as well. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins have made it their goal to constantly interact and bond with their fans. In doing this, they’ve translated the sense of family that is felt in the show, with their fans. Even when they aren’t shooting, they’re travelling around the country for their own Supernatural Con so they can meet and bond with their fans.

This show has grown to be a big part of various people’s lives and it’s a shame it’s ending after 15 years. But like Jensen Ackles said in his Instagram post “nothing really ends in Supernatural”, and for those who are fans of the show understand just how true this is. These fans are probably the same ones that would be fine with watching the show even if the Winchester brothers were in the nursing home fighting off ghosts. However, everything must come to an end and this time it was Supernatural’s time to end. All that the fans can hope for is a happy future for the cast and lots of good wishes.

Angely is a Biology major on a Pre-Med track, she is hoping to be either a Neurologist or Oncologist in the future. She has a high interest in the Environmental Sciences and hopes to get her Master's degree and Ph.D in Environmental Sciences in order to do research on coral reefs. She is a volunteer at Nicklaus Children's Hospital and Co-Fundraising chair for Tri Beta.
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