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Emma Chamberlain Appears at Fashion Week Events

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Emma Chamberlain started off as a YouTube sensation and has since then climbed her way up to the top as one of the most renowned Louis Vuitton ambassadors. She has appeared in many events wearing and representing Luis Vuitton on the red carpet, such as the Met Gala and the Oscars. This year, she has not only appeared in both of the aforementioned events plus the Venice Film Festival, but she has also made appearances attending various fashion week events.

Emma has now expanded the designer brands she works with and represents besides Louis Vuitton. Because of this, she has made appearances this week in fashion week events representing different brands. For example, she represented GANNI at the Copenhagen fashion week and Louis Vuitton at the New York Paris fashion week. She has risen to become one of Vogue’s most influential figures, working as not only a brand representative but also modeling on the cover of Vogue Australia and as the announcer of now two Met Galas. Needless to say, Emma has made her way up the ladder when it comes to fame and making a career out of YouTube fame into something greater for herself.

Senior at Florida International University majoring in psychology with a minor in sociology
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