Dumbo Review

Don’t just soar, FLY! Disney’s newest film has just debuted on the big screen with everyone’s favorite elephant. Dumbo was released this past weekend, and he flew through the screen,amazing all of any age. The movie took a completely different route than what we knew from the beloved animated version, with Tim Burton directing the film. We see a much darker side, as we usually do with Tim, but it keeps with that Disney Magic.

                                                                                                   (Image by Movie Babble)

We are introduced to a whole new set of characters that we never saw in the animated version. The animated version was striclty about the animals, and their interactions with each other; while this new version is about people and Dumbo. It's more about his role in their world of circus and fantasy as opposed to the simplicity of animals just interacting with one another. We get attatched to the characters that we see on the screen, and we learn about a whole different world that brings more to the table than you'd expect. Dumbo was a true treat to see, from the new lovable characters, to the world which Time Burton created for the film. It was truly beautiful.

It brought back a certain nostalgia that you would've expected, and definitely delievered in the  "tear jerker" spectrum. Tim Burton brought back the classic Baby Mine song, and even brough a new and wonderful version of the bubble elephant scene onto the big screen for all of us. Dumbo was  completely reimagined, so if you're expecting to see the same as the animated film, you will be  disappointed for sure. However, if you go in there with no expectations, it ends up being an incredible film. It was definitely a surprise to see this film come about today from Disney, but it definitely didn't disappoint. Catch the trailer here, to get a glimpse of what to expect from Tim Burton's: Dumbo.