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Disney on a Budget? No Problem!

Disney has the reputation of being the most magical and happiest place on Earth. The history of this park and its expansions begins in 1971, and as the legend goes; it all started with a mouse. The parks have certainly given people reason to go over and over again, providing the public with a wide variety or thrill, culinary, and exciting sight-seeing experiences. Disney since, has become more expensive to go to, and with the recent rise in prices to help control the amount of people coming and going, it becomes more of a dream than a reality to go. My fellow Floridian’s, I’ve been able to find ways to save you a few chunks of money so you too can enjoy a home away from home, and experience all the magic Disney offers. Right now, Disney is offering their annual Florida discount, which you can use to get a 3 or 4 day pass for ANY of their 4 main parks at any time of your choosing until June 24th at almost less than half the original price!

The prices per ticket are the following


            3 Day REGULAR ticket price

  • $305 1 park per day
  • $370 Park Hopper


3 Day Florida Discover ticket price

  • $159 1 park per day
  • $189 Park Hopper


4 Day REGULAR ticket price

  • $380 1 Park Per Day
  • $455 Park Hopper


4 Day Florida Discover ticket price

  • $179 1 park per day
  • $216 Park Hopper


They also have an offer for hotel stays and many of their Disney owned properties starting at around $99 per night here 

If staying at the resorts are not in your budget, Air BNB also has great deals with close locations to the parks!


Planning a budget also helps wonders, Disney offers prices for ALL their quick service and restaurant locations so you can plan ahead what you’re planning to spend on food, and better plan for souvenirs and emergencies. A great way to save you TIME as well as money, is to download the My Disney Experience app, and mobile order your food on the app at any quick service location around the parks. This will help you skip the line, and save a few dollars on tips that you would normally spend dining in. For my FIU students, it works the same way Tapingo works! If you are dining in, I suggest going for Lunch so you get a few dollars cheaper on the meals, and making a reservation ahead of time! If you know you’re not going to make the reservation however, please go ahead and cancel at least 3-5 days before the actual trip, as canceling the day of or even a few hours before will charge you $10 per person, and make sure to go to your reservation 5-10 minutes early so you’re not late! Sharing meals is also a good idea, to split the check between a friend and yourself to save a few dollars as the meals are pretty big in size. My personal favorite is Japan in Epcot, they cook in a Hibachi style and serve absolutely delicious meals, and are the best for sharing.

Now, for my 21 year olds, if you plan on drinking around the world, make sure you look ahead of time at the menus online to see prices as well as what the drinks are made of so you can save up accordingly and pick something you’ll enjoy! You also don’t need to drink at each and every country, you can totally pick drinks you like at just a few countries. In total, Epcot has 12 different countries, each with different sets of drinks ranging from $7 – $15 each. Only 3 of the 4 parks serve alcohol however, as Magic Kingdom does not, which may help your pockets to breathe a little easier for the trip.  

One last tip to ensure you have the most magical time in the world is to reserve fast passes the second you book your trip. You can book your fast passes 30 days before your trip buying regular tickets, and 60 days if you’re staying on Disney property, e.g the hotels in the previously mentioned in the Florida discount deals. If you’re traveling with a party, make sure to link your accounts together through the My Disney Experience website under the My Family and Friends list. Fast passes at  Disney are free of any cost, and you can only pick 3 per park, HOWEVER once you use all 3 of them, you are eligible for another one at the attractions still available.

Planning ahead of time for your trip will ensure the best time you could ever have, and going with great people adds to the experience. Watching YouTube videos also helps you discover tips and tricks for best places to eat, drink, stay, packing and more.

Don’t forget to thank your cast members, and give them an easy time! The magic wouldn’t be possible without them! Disney is truly the happiest place on earth, and you can go at any age, it never gets old, and I hope these tips and tricks help your experience a little magic with some faith, trust, and pixie dust!


Nicole is currently a senior at Florida International University studying English. She wants to become a full-time writer for a journalistic blog or company in the future, and hopes to publish a few novels along the way. Her truest of loves include Disney, Anime, music, her dogs, writing, and Harry Potter. She is a lover of makeup, and telling people's stories from their eyes and her experiences. She is currently a Beauty Advisor at Riley Rose part-time, and hopes to continue working alongside them in the future. You can follow her journey on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/nicoli0o/ and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/nicoli0o_
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