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As we all know, these last few weeks to come are the toughest of the semester. Our workload kind of tripled magically this past month, somehow, and many of us don’t know how to cope with all of the stress dumped on us. That’s okay, we don’t blame you. But you know that you have to finish those projects, and study for your exams. So get it going collegiates!

First get it together. You actually have to start doing this.

Plan when and what you are going to do so that you don’t end up procrastinating. We only have three weeks before finals, Panthers!

Then, maybe, you can meet up with other people to go over what you don’t understand. Who knows! You could even plan study groups.

But remember you have to work, work, work, work!!!

Until you can’t anymore.

Just kidding. But, seriously, finish!

Because then, when you’re done, you can just do whatever you want. Like, let’s say, Party!!!

So get through this collegiates! We know you can do it. 

Nathalie Fleitas is a marketing major and an English minor at Florida International University. She a words' enthusiast, a bookworm, and she gets overly attached with fictional characters. She likes making up stories about anything that she can imagine and later write it on paper. But overall, she hopes she can one day write something that will inspire millions of people.
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