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Dealing with Long Distance Love on Valentines Day


The year has just begun but we are already close to one of the most important dates to most of the student body whether we like to admit it or not. There is either someone already in your life or you’re just waiting to make the move –just be sure that your first move ever isn’t on that day because if you really like this person it can be a hit or a miss. There are various things to do for loved ones on this date, such as simple flowers and candy which always tends to do the trick. On the other hand for those in a long distance relationship such as myself and many others, a day like this may be tough to cope with. Not to worry, we will have you covered on how to make this day a special one no matter how far you are from your loved one!

For starters showing your love to someone far away doesn’t have to be a tough thing to do now a days since there are plenty of formats to allow you to make it a special day. Even if you can’t take an early flight, set up a romantic dinner and surprise her at work that day and go out to eat after, then leave that same night to make it to your 8am class (because you’re really looking forward to it) there are other options. On the other hand if you have the time to do all that then please ignore the rest and proceed!

When it comes to gift giving, for the rest of us it is best if we are creative with these things. For guys the best thing to do is know their roommates or family members that way they can help you out with the gift giving and to know their address because some of us might not know it or tend to forget. So definitely be in good standings with their friends and family. There are also things you can do from where you’re at, if you have pens and paper hopefully write a letter! It’s the small things that count so make it worth it. This was a helpful tip thanks to Kayla Gregory and she had a bit more to say about this as well “For those in a long distance relationship I would say communication is key. You have to put the time and effort into talking to one another and learning about their life when you’re not there. You also have to really trust the person. If you have to worry all the time about them it’s not healthy for you and you will probably drive them insane. Nathan and I have a great friendship besides our relationship. Being best friends might sound like getting friend zoned but it’s not. It’s a great foundation that can help you get through tough times when you can’t be so romantic necessarily”. On the other hand her boyfriend Nathan Friedmann who is an FIU student had some words to say about this time of the year as well. “There was one year when I had flowers sent to her work and had her roommates leave valentines cards on her bed. We would Skype that night and watch a movie on Netflix”.

This leads to my next point which is the fact that technology can be used to your favor, there are numerous websites that can deliver on the specific day or do as Nathan, skype and watch a movie all at the same time after they receive their gifts. For some gift ideas there is always Dexter the bear! Whom you can get from the FIU site. He serves as a great gift along with flowers and candy to always remind them of you whether it’s a guy or girl who receives it. Your girlfriend will love it and if you send it to your boyfriend he will love it as well, no matter how much he denies it (guys cuddle with stuffed animals from loved ones too!). It will be a good reminder of why you’re away which is to follow your path in life just like they are doing themselves. Remember to be safe and enjoy your time with your loved ones and remind everyone else in your family you love them. Send your mom or any other woman in your life flowers this day to remind them of how much they mean to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Jennifer and everyone at FIU and your loved ones from everyone here at Her Campus FIU. Go Panthers!

A kid raised in Brooklyn, New York home of fashion, art and great culture. The greatest thing to happen to me was living in the city in a sense it was a love/hate relationship because of the area in which I grew up in. Then there was Manhattan filled with all the lights and glamour and things that were on the big screen. Once I moved to Florida it was in a small town called Bradenton which was a huge culture shock because it was the total opposite from what I was used to in every sense ranging from transportation to people. Then there was the care free atmosphere in which shirts and shoes are optional and thong sandals are an every day thing opposed to the city where that is a rare find. Living in Bradenton gave me a different outlook on things and humbled me in a sense. Then moving to Miami for school brought me back to my city roots except with a different view on things and my motivation now is to gain success and not material things as I once dreamed of attaining.
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