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Roller-Skating or Ice-Skating

This date idea never gets old, especially when you’re tired of dates that aren’t as active. Going out to roller skate or ice skate allows for both of you to break the ice (pun intended) and get comfortable with each other if it’s still early stages. You can laugh at each other, help each other, and even get used to physical contact with each other. 

Romantic Picnic

Going on a picnic date has been one of my favorite dates ever, and I would recommend this to anyone. It’s always great to start by buying sandwiches and other snacks together and get comfortable with each other while you’re at the grocery store. Once you’re at the park and you’ve set everything up, it becomes even more relaxing, and you can both can enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other. I would even recommend taking a card game like “We’re Not Really Strangers” (or something similar to that concept) and ask each other all the interesting and deep questions the game brings. You can also take painting supplies and paint something together, and even if neither of you is too artistically inclined, it’s still a fun activity to entertain you and make you laugh. 

Watch the Sunset at the Beach

This can basically be another picnic date, but at the beach instead. Even if it’s not summertime, you can take a sheet and a blanket and cuddle up while you wait for the sun to set. Something about the sun setting really creates a romantic ambiance that is hard to beat. You can even make a beach day out of it beforehand and stay long enough to watch the sun go down. 

Plane-Spotting by an Airport

For this date, you have to find an area like a parking lot or a field that is close enough to an airport that you can see the airplanes taking off. You can bring foldable chairs, a blanket, or even pop your trunk and sit to begin plane-spotting. This is a creative date idea that is the most romantic at night-time, and it also allows for a lot of conversation and getting to know each other. 


This is another idea that never really gets old, especially if you’re trying to see your partner’s competitive side. Competitive games always bring the fun side out in people, and it allows for a lot of laughter and joking around. If you’re looking for a more playful date that will definitely keep you constantly entertained, then I would suggest something as simple as bowling. You can also always go for other date activities that give off the same energy as bowling, like mini-golf, laser tag, or an arcade. 

Rachel is currently an English Major at Florida International University. She loves fashion, movies, books, and theater. Her dream is to move to California and work for a publishing company while she auditions for acting roles on the side. The arts are her passion, and this includes writing! If you ever want to discuss any of these things with her, feel free to reach her at her Instagram @rachelglez.
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