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The Cybertruck is far from any design that the company Tesla and it’s designer, Franz von Holzhausen had ever released. The futuristic look of the Tesla truck is a design that is bold and nothing like a typical pick-up truck that has shaken the automotive industry. 

Pick-up trucks make up the most lucrative sector in the US automotive market. It is not always easy to create a truck that will be a hit in the market but Elon Musk has yet again managed to create something that separates itself. 

Musk reported via twitter that Tesla received 200,000 reservations the day after the reveal. Even after the major failure during the demo of the Tesla armored glass. The reservation only required a $100 deposit.

The exterior of the truck is made out of the same material that the SpaceX rockets are created from and makes the truck to be bulletproof.  Although, at first glance it seems to be more like an SUV, the Cybertruck bed has a roll-down cover and built-in ramp in the tailgate. 

Some of the surprising claims Musk made included that the Cybertruck having more power in towing and hauling than the Ford F-150, while at the same time performing better than a Porsche 911.

The truck is not as expensive as it looks with the most affordable version priced at $39,900, but a more expensive version is also offered which includes being able to go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds and carrying 3,500 pounds. A self-driving option is also available for $7,000 more.

The niche market buyers for pick-up trucks are in the Midwest but it still remains a mystery as to whether these buyers will be a part of the Tesla market. 

Production will begin in 2021. Until then, the future of automotive has once again completely changed. 

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