Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday is a very popular tradition amongst many individuals. It falls into perfect timing to go and do your Christmas shopping for friends and family or yourself. For many years I have personally preferred cyber Monday over Black Friday! I do have my reasons as to why cyber Monday is my preferred choice.


Having to go through a packed and hectic shopping center or store sounds like a horrible idea to me. Being in those situations calls for stress and that’s something I try to avoid. I can do cyber Monday in the peace of my room without having to deal with the large crowds. My own piece of advice is to ditch going to the actual store and check what they offer on their website for cyber Monday. I can guarantee you will still be able to find what you were looking for. Participating in cyber Monday helps me to ensure that I get to focus on the holidays and my family. Many people tend to forget that holidays are supposed to be for making memories with your loved ones not camping outside of a store before it opens. Black Friday tends to get in the way of the true spirit of the holidays. Cyber Monday helps me do all the shopping after I have spent time with my family enjoying the holidays.

                                                                            Credit: MercuryNews

Also, if you’re similar to me in any way then you don’t carry an ounce of patience for long lines. I cannot fathom waiting in those lines during black Friday. I’m much more content with adding items to my shopping cart then checking out when needed to. It saves you much more time so you can spend it doing something else that is more valuable. Lastly, you get to do cyber Monday in the comfort of your pajamas. Who wouldn’t want that? Cyber Monday just seems like the perfect solution to many of the dilemmas that black Friday shoppers deal with. Shopping whether it's for yourself or loved ones should be an enjoyable activity and not a stressful one. It's ne ot a surprise to me when the popularity of online shopping in general has gone up in the past few years. It's a convenience that everyone wants to try for themselves, and you should too.