The Critical World of Jeffree Star

YouTuber Shane Dawson has released a second documentary-style series with makeup artist and fellow YouTuber, Jeffree Star.

The series is uploaded to Dawson’s YouTube channel, an account he has had for over ten years with nearly 23 million subscribers.

The series, “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,” is the second series Dawson has created following the life of Jeffree Star. The first series, “The Secret World of Jeffree Star,” was reaching anywhere between 21 million to 45 million views each video.

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“The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” has been receiving mixed ratings from fans online. On one hand, there are fans who are grateful that Dawson and Star are posting these docu-series episodes, sharing the insights of the makeup industry.

Fans on the more critical side say that despite their love for both creators, they feel they are watching an advertisement for the upcoming collaboration between Dawson and Star. 

One Twitter user said, “This whole ‘let’s make a docuseries about jeffree star’ is such a veiled attempt at getting the richest youtubers to seem more relatable. Shane Dawson claiming that he is poor while making 6.2 million a year is disgusting.”



Other critics were saying Jeffree Star is using his name for more money and to brag about how much money he has earned. In the series, Star does not keep his customized mansion, several expensive cars, extensive and rare collections of handbags and shoes hidden. Opposers disagree, going along with the mentality of “it’s his house, let him show the house that he lives in.” Others say that Dawson and Star are “too old” to be exposing other makeup content creators, something they have done in the first couple episodes already.

The main reason that critics do not like Jeffree Star? He comes off as problematic. Star has had drama issues in the past with other makeup artists/content creators such as James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Laura Lee, Manny MUA, Kat Von D, and many more. 

Star has also had to upload an apology video to his YouTube channel, gathering over 16 million subscribers, titled “RACISM” in 2017. Star was accused of making racist remarks in the past, and has since apologized.

(Image Source: Teen Vogue)

Despite all the negative feedback, however, Dawson and Star continue to keep it positive and continue uploading episodes of their series, which they have been working on for months before its end-of-the-year upload dates.