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Christine // ’20 

All of this that’s occurring with the unjustifiable murders of black men and women is appalling. It’s honestly very alarming because you keep thinking, “I’m a minority, I can be next.”. You wonder, “when will be the last straw?”. When will people stop getting killed by cops and by the government for their skin color? It’s frightening to think that this is happening now; in conjunction with the Coronavirus. It really does go to show that we’re all dispensable in this country. Seeing it on the news, seeing it all over Twitter—it’s sick to think that we’re so regressive as a society. It’s also very humbling to think we’re living in such a reformative era, and it’s incredibly important for us to advocate for people like George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, and many others. Their deaths mean something. They always have. But people have had enough. This has been an unfair battle that has been going on since the creation of this country and even before that. I hope this is just another stepping stone for continual change for the treatment and justice of minorities that have always been systematically forced to be on the opposite side of the American Dream.

(Twitter: @scarletmarked)

Jazmin // ’18

There are no tears left to cry

families left to shatter

trauma left to endure

streets left to burn

names left to hashtag and

stencil on a sign


we are not thugs, we are not

savages, we are not rebels

looking for a cause

we are human and we are tired


we don’t need a celebrity’s

publicist writing them

templated tweets

we don’t need copy and

pasted hashtags

we don’t need empty allies and

false political leaders

we need change and we will

take it, forcefully 


if Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland,

or Eric Garner somehow

weren’t enough

we’re making sure George

Floyd is

we’re making sure the unjust

deaths that weren’t caught on

camera are honored

we’re making sure the cowards

empowered by a uniform are


we’re making sure this is the

last chapter of a cycle that has

long overstayed its welcome


love, light, and peaceful

protests won’t work on an

oppressor that lacks basic

level empathy

black lives matter

and if you take offense to that,

our rage in the form of flames

will meet you at your doorstep

(Twitter: @growupjazmin)

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