ColourPop To Make Our Dreams Come True with a Disney Princess Makeup Collection

In a tale as old as time and as true as it can be, we believed in Happily ever after's,True love's kiss, fairy godmother's and evil stepsisters. Now, we will be able to reminisce those days in the best way possible and that is with palettes, lipsticks, eyeshadows that will bring the magic back into our lives thanks to Colourpop, who has decided to release a fall makeup collection inspired by our favorite fairytales that shaped our VHS childhood.



The collection won't be part of our world until the 28th of the month but that doesn't mean you have to wait til then to get a reflection of what the collection will bring. The exclusive palette of the collection called "it's a princess thing" will feature a total of 15 story-like shades that will hold names such as 'Grumpy" and "Pink apple."

Here's to always wanting to get lips as red as blood like our dear Snow White because aside from the palette, we will also be able to channel each one of our favorite Disney princesses with their Lux Lipsticks. The tubes themselves come with their respective signatures so you know it's definitely the real deal.

And if that was not enough to make our dreams come true yet , Glossy lipsticks and highlighters will also be available just in case you wanted to shine the night away till midnight. Only difference is the spell will not be broken at the strike of twelve. 

So, if you're planning to join the magic then I suggest you hop on your magic carpet or pumpkin carriage as soon as they get on or on the 28th before it's all gone.

P.S. if you were able to spot all the puns, you're a classic and I commend you for your Disney knowledge.