Chelsea says goodbye to Netflix

Chelsea Handler is not coming back to Netflix for a third season of "Chelsea." There had been some speculation as to why the talk-show host decided to go separate ways after receiving such a good feedback with the release of her second season (Some insinuated that she was fired from the online-stream company), but Chelsea herself took it to Twitter to explain why she made this decision. In her statement she explains that her main concern at the moment is the political unrest in the country, "From the national level down to the grassroots, it's clear our decisions at the ballot box next year will mark a defining moment for our nation," she wrote. Her new mission is to concentrate on activism and to "participate in a more meaningful way" by using her voice and popularity to advocate and campaign for political candidates that support women's rights, among other important issues that are also underrated. You can read her full statement bellow:

Picture: Twitter, @chelseahandler

Netflix did not comment on the news so far, but Chelsea also released in her statement the news of an upcoming project with the company. She will be working with Netflix on a documentary that will exhibit her work as an activist and raise awareness about important topics that concern all citizens. The talk show named after herself was not enough anymore, most people could notice the transition from the first season, where the content of the show was highly reliable on comedy and celebrities, to the development of the second season where Chelsea is not holding back on her strong opinions about our government, which may be the reason behind the increased popularity of the talk show.

Picture: Twitter, @chelseahandler

What our country needs is more voices like Chelsea's. Our country needs people to stand up for real issues that are currently being pushed aside by those leading our country. Having public figures that are willing to dedicate full time to the development of relations and strategies for the improvement of the country is a major step in favor of change and is to applauded and supported in full force. We can't wait to see the women empowerment that is to come from this decision and the new work that Chelsea will release in partnership with Netflix next year.


Sources: CNN Entertainment