Carrie Underwood's ACM Performance

Last November, country star Carrie Underwood fell outside her house. She slipped on her front porch, landing on her arm and face. The singer suffered a broken wrist and a cut on her face that required 40-50 stitches across her face. Underwood claimed the injury to her face was so severe it had changed the way she looked.  The accident was so impactful for Underwood that she stayed away from social media, only posting pictures of others and pictures above her eye in order to avoid showing what she claimed was a drastic change. Consequently, she also avoided the stage and public appearances.  

Picture posted by Carrie Underwood on her Instagram account after her accident. 

However, Carrie Underwood began to make her way back when she released her new single “Cry Pretty.” This past Sunday, she made her first appearance since her accident at the Academy of Country Music where she performed her new song. During her performance it was noticeable that she was nervous and even broke into tears when her and Keith Urban won an award minutes after her performance for their single “The Fighter.” Through the nerves and fear, Carrie Underwood was able to deliver an amazing performance. Fans reacted positively, stating they saw nothing wrong with Underwood's face and even claimed she looked exactly the same. Some were confused as to why she hid so long and claimed to "look a bit different" when no scarring or bruising was visible. 

Photo of Carrie Underwood's performance at the ACMs.