A Cardi B Legacy

This week has brought us the newest album from Cardi B- Invasion of Privacy, followed by her appearance on Saturday Night Live for not only a performance, but a surprise reveal.

Since September there have been rumors that Cardi B was pregnant, but no one could confirm until last night when she stood out in a long-sleeved, body hugging dress that showed off her baby bump for the world to see. Cardi is 25 years old and is set to have the best year of her life: being seven months pregnant with her first child with her fiancé Offset, the Migos rapper, and debuting her new album which is already a huge hit. 

But not everyone is quite happy with these news. Cardi B continually tells women to stand up and be their own person in her music, but when it comes down to her own life she continually stands next to a man who cheats on her. Offset and Cardi B were the center of a cheating scandal when a video of him and another woman leaked when he was reportedly hacked in December. This followed their engagement in October, so fans wondered if a future remained for them to walk down the aisle. Ultimately, they remained together and Cardi left him with a warning on social media to not do it again or he would lose his future wife. She also said that cheating happens everyday to everyone, what was she supposed to do?

According to Offset on twitter, he is ready to start this new chapter with Cardi B, so paradise must be back on. They have made it through so much this far so only the future will tell- do you think they belong together?