Campaign Conundrums

We are one year away from another presidential election, and it seems like this one is going to be one for the books. With 23 people running, there are more competitive candidates than ever before.Image Credit: The Post

This election will be one to watch, especially on the count of recent news that has stricken the political world.  

On the Democratic side: 

Of the 23 people running, 19 are democrats. One of the top contenders on the Democratic side is Bernie Sanders, who suffered a heart attack on October 1st. Luckily, Bernie seems to be feeling better, telling the media “I’m getting stronger every day” but this has to hurt Bernie. It has many wondering if Sanders's health makes him fit to be president. With a recent poll showing, he is down below his competitors, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

Image Credit:Cnn

On the Republican side: 

You’ve probably heard by now, but the House of Representatives has recently started an Impeachment inquiry on President Donald Trump. Although, as of right now, this only means the House is looking into suspicious activity from the President, according to a new Fox poll, most Americans believe Trump should be impeached. Even if that doesn’t happen, it could possibly mean bad news for the President’s reelection. Since the President's impeachment inquiry became known, his Republic competitors have kicked into overdrive taking advantage of this time to try to become the favorites in the republic side.

Image Credit: Cnn

So much has happened in just the span of 2 months, and with an impeachment inquiry now added to the mix. This upcoming election will be filled with many more twists and turns. Make sure to stay tuned to what happens next.