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Squat challenges have been around for years now. Slowly building up from 20 squats to 60 to 100 and beyond. The little calendars and the photos of women in great shape surrounded by dates and numbers. So when BuzzFeed came out with a 100  Squats video, it sounded like just another squat challenge, but there was something different about this one. 

If you watch the video you see that it is made up in a mix of interviews as well as personal vlogs of the three participants in the “challenge.” The premise is simple, they each must do 100 squats every day for 30 days. The difference between this idea and that of the traditional squat challenge we are used to seeing is the fact that it is real people, and not fitness models. The video takes you through with three different body types, fitness levels, and both men and women. Not only are the participants real and their experiences all different, their results are also. And showing that the exercise they did, did in fact help them. In different ways it helped them each gain strength as well as confidence. 

But the video also brings another form of realism. The actual progress they were able to make in one month. While other squat challenges show that you’ll have a behind comparable to the Kardashian’s, this video shows the subtle increase in definition of the legs and the just slight lift of their glutes! It’s actual visible progress that they are proud of and show possibility for the audience, without setting them up for disappointment. 

In a digital world slowly becoming more keen to Photoshop and editing, this video gave us a new way to look at something we’ve been seeing since high school. 

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