Buy Gifts This Holiday Stress-Free!

If you find yourself getting wrapped up in events, house decorating, studying for final exams, or planning trips during the holiday season, relieve your stress by shopping for gifts in the best way possible. Avoiding spending hours worrying over gift ideas and prices and make this experience as stress-free as possible. By following these tips, you can buy unique presents for people in your life without stress!

  1. 1. Begin the Brainstorming Process

    Set aside a few hours or days to brainstorm what you will buy. To begin, sit down and grab your phone, laptop, or a paper and pencil. Then, focus on one person at a time. Think about past conversations you have had with this person and consider asking yourself some questions. These questions may include what their interests are, what has worried them recently, what have they achieved, and if they are looking forward to something. Questions like these can guide you in the right direction. Instead of gifting the usual like gift cards, perfumes, wallets, and watches, brainstorm and see what unique ideas you can write down.

  2. 2. What to Buy

    Anything you buy should be useful for them, or the presents should bring on emotions or reactions like happiness, nostalgia, or laughter. What a receiver will consider being a memorable gift varies from person to person. Will they love a juicy book to read, barbeque tools, or a new Amazon Echo Dot? Whichever item you choose to buy, remember to think about what they will like. Think about their tastes and not necessarily your own. If possible, buy them something sentimental. Another option is to give them an “experience present” like a spa massage, tickets to a play, or a vacation trip.

  3. 3. Manage Your Budget

    Throughout your shopping experience, keep a close eye on your budget. Think about how many people you plan to buy gifts for and if you plan to buy more than one for each person. A gift does not have to be expensive for it to be meaningful for your loved one. Think about price versus value too. Is a costly item worth buying? Also, try to compare prices online. Even if you plan to purchase gifts in stores, online websites can show you which store offers a better deal for particular presents. You may also find it helpful to write down your expenses in a journal.

  4. 4. Plan, Plan, Plan

    Once you know what to get, plan where you will purchase these gifts. If your schedule is hectic, check your calendar to find time to sit down and check gift shopping off your list. Decide if you will purchase things online or if you will go to the mall and choose the websites you will search and stores you will visit. Plan anything you can that will help take the stress off your shoulders. It will surely be worth it!

  5. 5. Make Your Gift Personal

    If you feel up to the challenge, try some scrapbooking and make them a holiday card. Do-it-Yourself items are surprising! It is different from what most people do, and they will not expect it. You do not have to be an expert scrapbooker, as they will love the effort you put into it. Look up tutorials online, ideas on Pinterest, and make a quick trip to your local arts and crafts store. It can be simple or intricate, whichever you prefer. A gift can also be personal if it is specific to an experience you had with them or if you have bonded over something. Do you share the same love of music, reading, clothes, travel, movies, or hobbies?

Along with all of the fun activities you can take part in this holiday season, remember to make gift shopping a breeze. When all else fails, ask the person what they would like for Christmas. A direct answer is preferable for some people. Otherwise, have fun in coming up with unique gifts for your friends and family!


Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!