Brace yourself because Avril Lavigne is Making a Come back like Today

Remember how you used to randomly scream out the lyrics of "girlfriend" way back in 2007? or scream out to your ex "Why do you have to so complicated?" or better yet try to dye your hair blonde just so you can sport those colorful pink highlights? Oh and lets not forget those frilly skirts and knee high socks with those bulky military boots because we were so cool. Well honestly, I don't think any of those will be making a comeback any time soon but it just so happens that the queen who started the trend in itself has made a public announcement stating that she in fact will be gracing us with new music very soon.

So soon in fact that her new single titled Head Above Water will be released on the 19th of this month. We haven't really heard from Avril since 2015 when she published a song the special summer Olympics in which all proceeds were directed towards individuals with Lyme Disease which she herself also is victim of. She shared in her official announcement that is was due to her illness that has pulled her away from music for the last few years highlighting that her upcoming single was inspired by her recent private battle with the disease. Accepting death and seeing how her body shut down made her feel like she was drowning within herself. 

But there are no tears to shed over here because not only will this single be apart of a upcoming album, we will also be getting a music video that was actually already shot around mid August so there is definitely a lot to look forward too from this warrior and we are totally here for some new Avril Lavigne!