The Best Resource at FIU

As finals week is approaching us and students are losing their minds, students need to know all the resources they have at their fingertip. Literally, at their fingertip because Florida International University (FIU) has given their students and faculty free online access to The New York Times (The Times). Oh, and don't forget, it is completely free! The main benefit of activating your account is the vast amount of information you can find on The Times! The New York Times has articles on every subject you can think of. Everything from style, politics, culture, science, and opinion. As well as having other forms of multimedia such as, photos, videos, VR, and podcasts. The biggest advantage of having free access to The New York Times is that you can use it for your coursework or to help you with your class assignments.

There are only three simple steps for getting your digital copy of The New York Times. First, you have to go to . From there, you type in your FIU school credentials. Finally, create a profile on The New York Times website,, while using your FIU email. Bam, that's it! You are done and have complete free digital access to The New York Times.

From creating study guides to writing your term paper for class, The Times is there to aid students and faculty with their coursework. The New York Times helps you better and fully understand class materials for your exams. Students and faculty have access to the The Times on and off campus, 24/7. Register for your online-free account, and get started to acing your exams.