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In today’s society, almost everything can be found online, whether it’s food, utilities, or makeup. However, online shopping has taken over the internet especially for younger girls who are either Millenials or Generation Z. After years of experience, I’ve learned that some brands offer more stylish and affordable clothes than the mainstream companies. 

Princess Polly 

 Before I started buying from more indie brands, I gravitated towards larger companies like Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and H&M. However, Princess Polly was one of the first Instagram boutiques that I came across a few years ago. What caught my eye about this brand was how simple a majority of their dresses were, meaning that the designs only were in solid colors. Yet, what made them stand out was how feminine it made each girl look. They’re perfect for more than one occasion: a date night, semi-formal, or simply a night in the city. Not only does Princess Polly make adorable dresses but they have gotten me into asymmetrical tops with only one sleeve. With this boutique, you can find your exact style (or new!) for an affordable price. 

Are You Am I 

Although this brand is more on the luxury side of clothing, I completely fell in love with Are You Am I‘s sets. I first came across the brand through several Instagram models that I have been following for some time now. The set that caught my eye, in particular, was the TIIU set which came in red, white, and black. What I like about this set was the lettuce hem and off the shoulder style that would accentuate every woman’s beauty. What their sets have from other online boutiques are the delicate clothing designs; they are all extremely simple. However, it seems that it is all about the cut of the fabric and how it lays on your skin that makes it so appealing to their target audience. 


What makes Revolve so unique is how many different pieces you can find at any price point. Basically, the website allows you to filter what you are looking for and it looks through hundreds of underground brands to find exactly that. Personally, what I like about this website is that you can find something extremely affordable or something designer; it all just depends on what fits your needs as a customer. Although it may seem overwhelming to shop on such a huge fashion platform, this is the place to look when you have a lot of time to look for something. 


Lulu’s has been around for a while now on Instagram and it is definitely one of my favorite online boutiques mainly because it is insanely affordable. They sell clothing ranging from tee-shirts to long formal dresses. I actually purchased a long formal dress from the website: the fabric was amazing quality and it was true to size. So far I’ve had a great experience on the website and I would recommend it to anyone that’s on a tight budget. Not only that, but they have clothing for every style. 

https://www.selfieleslie.com/?msclkid=e4b6b8f9573f13ad511de68bf9274e59&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=CT-RB-Brand&utm_term=selfie%20leslie&utm_content=Brand%20%2B%20ExactSelfie Leslie

Last, but not least, my absolute favorite online boutique store has to be Selfie Leslie. Not only have I bought countless dresses from this boutique, but I admire every single style they design. They have casual dresses, sundresses, formal dresses, mini skirts, blouses, and jumpsuits. What makes this brand stand out to me is how one-of-a-kind each dress is. Anytime I wear one of their dresses, it’s popular amongst the people I encounter. The downside is only a certain amount of dresses so each style sells out quickly creating high demand. Moreover, the use of fabric in each style is so unique which, again, attracts a lot of young girls. On the bright side, they are incredibly fast with shipping and their prices are affordable . 

All in all, each boutique has something different to offer and may not appeal to everyone. Nonetheless, I always find myself coming back to all of these boutiques whenever I am looking for something special. 

Maria is a sophomore at Florida International University studying Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications. She loves to travel to Europe and her favorite thing to do is sing and play the guitar. She also loves photography and fashion and enjoys being with her family and her dog. She is originally from College Station, Texas, but her family is Venezuelan and Puerto Rican.