The Best Deodorants to combat that funky armpit smell once and for all

Don't you love it when you wake up every morning, get out of bed, jump in the shower, rid yourself of all the toxins and germs you've accumulated during your sleep only to have all of it and more come back mid way through your day? It's no secret that under this Florida heat, we tend to constantly sweat throughout the day, whether it's walking from class to class or just going in and out of our dorm rooms. Some of us actually do sweat because we like to be active and exercise from time to time too and no matter how much we scrub in there and add layers of deodorant, we end up stinking up all of our cute tops because there is simply no remedy behind the stank B.O. curse. Well, fret not because these deodorants below will keep your armpits at ease at least till the end of your day.


1. Secret Clinical Strength Sport Fresh Deodorant


















If you are prone to skin sensitivity this one is for you; It is said that with its anti - irritant formula, which contains about 20% concentrate of aluminum, it will provide you up to 48 hours of protection.


2. Mitchum Invisible Solid


















This one also claims to keep you covered for 48 hours, but also gives you the privilege of being completely sweat free. No wet pits and no white annoying residue!


3. Dove Clinical Protection


















If you are the type that suffers from dry skin, then this one is perfect for you! Not only does it reduce the wetness and sweating, it also keeps it smooth and moisturizes your skin.

4. Degree Montionsense 


















Now if you're constantly on your feet throughout the day and like to keep yourself active, then invest in this motion activated formula that releases protection every time it senses you are on the move.

What ever the case may be in which you find yourself having to take 2-3 showers throughout the day only to get rid of that stank smell, try out one of these bad boys and you might just be able to stick to 1 shower a day!