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Bella Hadid’s Facetime Photoshoot for Vogue Italia Was Everything We Needed

The April issue of Vogue Italia is unlike any other, due to recent stay at home orders all over the world people have been forced to use their creativity in ways we have never seen before and doing at-home photoshoots has never been so esthetically pleasing before, all thanks to Vogue Italia and Bella Hadid. 

Shot and styled via Facetime by Haley Wollens and photographer Brianna Capozzi was no easy task but it all came together in a very unique and impactful way. The night before the shoot, they had tested poses and styled Bella for the next day. While she was in charge of doing her own hair and makeup Wollens and Capozzi worked together to make it all possible and it turned out to be one of the best photoshoots we’ve seen during our time in quarantine. On Vogue Italia’s Instagram page they wrote about the very different approach they took to capturing the perfect Facetime photoshoot.  


Once the April issue was released it began to inspire many individuals to unleash their creativity by recreating similar at-home photoshoots. I’ve seen a handful of people on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube showcasing how they’ve used this time spent at home to their benefit by creating art that others can enjoy and they can also spend time making. For example, YouTube sensation Lauren Giraldo was one of many who participated in the trend of a Facetime photoshoot and the results are amazing! 


As I get ready to re-create my own version of the April issue of Vogue Italia, it’s important to appreciate that even in the difficult times we are in now, most of us are very fortunate to stay at home and use our creativity in ways we would have never thought of before. Overall, how you choose to use this time is completely up to you, if it’s by tapping into your creative ideas or having a self-care kinda day give yourself this time to do what your heart is calling you do to and you just might be surprised of the results! 

Suzanne Garcia is a student at Florida International University, majoring in Digital Communications and Media. Her interest include fashion, beauty & wellness, giving advice to others and going on adventures! She is a Disney girl at heart and loves nothing more than her family and friends. Suzanne is excited to share her passions through her articles on HerCampus!
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