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On Being a Commuter Student: Pro’s and Con’s

I chose to go to FIU because I did not want to move away for college. While I don’t regret my decision whatsoever, commuting can be such a bummer. There are plenty of disadvantages and advantages to being a commuter student, here’s a list of the ones I relate to the most:




Disadvantage #1- Traffic

Living far from FIU means dealing with traffic every single time I have a morning class or a class that ends around rush hour. There really seems to be no way around it. Not to mention dealing with traffic brings out the road rage demon inside of me. 

Disadvantage #2- Missing out on the ‘real’ college experience

Not moving away for college does give you a whole different experience than the ‘typical’ college experience. It can be harder to meet new people when you are a commuter student (not to mention being at a school that is primarily made up of commuter students). I would be lying if I said I didn’t get FOMO from time to time seeing other people living it up away at college.

Disadvantage #3- Parking

I think everyone can relate to the stress that is finding parking at FIU. Since I can’t just walk to campus, I have to battle for parking everyday that I have class (the struggle is real.)

Advantage #1- Saving money 

Living at home means that I’ve been able to save more money than I would if I were away for school. I’ve chosen to have a job while being in college and this has given me more financial freedom than I have ever had, and this I am very grateful for. 

Advantage #2- Mom’s cooking

Not gonna lie this is the biggest advantage to me. Since I can’t cook absolutely anything, being able to come home to food already made for me is a privilege that I will miss the most when I move out. 

Advantage #3- Having my support system around me

Not moving away means that the people I care about the most are still very much involved in my life and I get to see them whenever I want. This is what I hold the closest to my heart, because without my loved ones I don’t know what I’d do. 

Being a commuter student for college isn’t for everyone, but there are pro’s and con’s to making this decision. Weighing them out can help you decide whether its for you or not.

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