Art & Literature for Healing: a Poem About COVID-19.



In the New Year not a soul foresaw the vision

Life goes on they say

But it’s not always our decision

No one wanted it to go this way

With senior year and fun withdrawn 

Even with lives lost

Will there ever be a new dawn? 

What is it going to cost? 

Our sanity, our happiness 

Trying to cope with this pandemic

Will this all have some sort of worthiness? 

Social media and video calls seem cosmic

The only answer we know is isolation

However, we are in this together 

Becoming more bonded no matter the location

 We will survive through this sickening weather

For there will be a day when we can embrace once more

A day when what we all achieve 

Will help us soar 

As long as we truly believe.



Sun shining from behind clouds