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Are You Spring Break Ready?

Alas, the time we have all been waiting for has come—Spring Break! As you look down at your less than washboard flat stomach, you realize that you really aren’t “spring break ready.” The thought of you having to prance around the beach in a skimpy bikini sends chills down your back. You’ve done every crash diet known to man and burnt a couple sweats doing countless sit ups and squats.  Keep calm! Here are some ways to look fabulous during spring break!

  • Swap a two-piece for a monokini

Who said bikinis are the only sexy swimwear? Monokinis provide sexiness and comfort all in one. Most people think that one pieces are for 10 year olds and grandmas, but one pieces can actually be more flattering than a regular two-piece bathing suit. The cut outs in a monokini show just enough skin and cover your trouble spots in a cute fashionable way!

  • Fix your posture

If you can’t change your body before spring break, change your posture! Standing/Sitting up straight lengthens your torso, thus making your core look smaller. Fixing your posture is a sure-fire way to make you appear slimmer without the added stress of exercise and dieting!

  • Find cute cover ups!

If you don’t feel comfortable enough to wear a swimsuit on the beach, wear a cute cover up dress or romper! Stores like Forever21 and H&M have not only cute, but affordable cover ups that you can rock on the sand all spring break long!

  • Just own it!

Who cares if your stomach isn’t flattest? Who cares if your thighs jiggle a little more than others when you walk? WHO CARES?! Be confident in your own beauty and own it! Expressing your love for yourself and the confidence you have within is way sexier than any tight dress or bikini you’ll ever wear. 

Ashley is a junior at Florida International University majoring in Journalism and minoring in Social Media & E-Marketing Analytics. Born and raised in Miami to Trinidadian parents, Ashley comes from a diverse background that cultivated her love for cultural diversity. She loves blogging, entertainment, music and travelling. Ashley aspires to become the editor-in-chief of her own online publication in the future. Check out Ashley's entertainment and lifestyle blog at www.callmemissandrews.com ! Follow her on twitter: @callmemsandrews and on Instagram: @callmemissandrews
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