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Zac Posen is saying goodbye…for now?

Zac Posen is a well known fashion designer that has been in this industry since the early 2000s. He recently has announced that his fashion label House of Z is ceasing business. According to Vogue, the fashion label, is disposing of its assets as of now. Zac Posen has worked with my many different celebrities creating iconic red carpet looks. Posen helped create Rhianna’s beautiful pink dress at the first Diamond Ball. His signature look which are his mermaid gowns came into life at this year’s Oscars with Ashley Graham being the model. This news comes as a shock to his fans and many are left saddened by this departure. Zac Posen is loved for his use of diverse models in his line of work. Once the news broke, Posen took to Instagram to share a heartfelt post about his descision to shut down his fashion label. His message was well recieved and aquired a lot of support and love from many different people. One of those people being Christian Siriano who is also a fellow designer and Project Runaway judge. Siriano posted his own thoughts to his instagram wishing every designer who is struggling goodluck to their future endeavors.


“With so much happening in fashion right now I’m sending my support to others in this business who have lost their way and you know who you are. I hope we all can find the right balance soon to keep making the world a more beautiful place with our art,” Siriano wrote.

The news of House of Z coming to a close comes at a time where the fashion industry is seeming to be struggling overall. Barneys New York which happens to be one of the stockists for Posen’s label has recently filed for bankruptcy. They are expecting to close anywhere from 15 to 22 stores. When it comes to Zac Posen’s future plans he states that he as a lot of thinking to do before he jumps into the next project. Hopefully this break helps to clear Posen’s mind and make him ready to show his gorgeous art to the world whenever he feels ready.


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