Amazon Just Put the Super in Supermarket

We may not have flying cars just yet, but we do have something even cooler as of last Monday: the opening of the world’s very first checkout-free grocery store, Amazon Go! Ok, so the cool factor may vary depending on who you ask, but this is still revolutionary in the world of shopping and technology. Ever since the now multibillion dollar company, Amazon, launched in 1994 they have conquered so many  territories from books to online shopping and now supermarkets. This endeavor of theirs may seem quite out of the blue seeing as they only just recently purchased Whole Foods for 13.7 billion back in August and have just now opened their Amazon-Go supermarket, but it took them 4 years to develop their technology being used at their new store located in Seattle.


So what exactly makes a store be able to be line free? “Just Walk Out” Technology. (If anybody knows how to appeal to the people it’s Amazon; no confusing names to pronounce with that new technological advance) All you have to do is download the Amazon Go app, show it to a machine upon entering the store, then their technology will be able to detect when you remove items from shelves and add them to your virtual cart and charge them to your account. 


It must be quite a different feeling to just grab what you want from a store and leave, even though you’re still paying for it. And although at first it may feel like you’re stealing, it’s probably something that you are gonna want to start to get used to as our world (and Amazon of course) continues advancing. At first you may be wondering and trying to understand what the big deal about a line-less supermarket is, but as you start to think about it all just a little bit more you’ll realize the true genius behind it. No pre-Thanksgiving supermarket chaos, an easy in and out when just that one ingredient is forgotten, no having to stare at absurd magazine headlines about how North is really Scott’s baby and so much more. One can only guess and dream about what Amazon could possibly surprise us with next!