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All Around Great Guy: Luis Hernandez

No need to fear fellow collegiettes, Campus Cutie is back! This week’s Campus Cutie is none other than Luis Hernandez. Luis currently serves as Vice President for Tau Kappa Epsilon, facilitator for Panther Camp, team committee for Relay for Life, general member for Student Programming Council, and peer mentor for First Year Programs. He is also a part of the Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society and the Future Optometry Students of America. Now that we know what this guy is up to on campus, let’s get to know him a little better.

Age: 22

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Relationship Status: Taken (Sorry ladies, he’s off the market.)

Who is your role model?

This might sound kind of cheesy but it is honestly my mom. She is such a strong woman. My mom, sister, and I came from Cuba alone when I was just five years old and she has been able to keep a roof over our heads, kept us well fed, and the most important part is that I never thought I was different than the other kids. Whenever I really wanted something she would get it for me even though it was sometimes out of her budget, but she made it work. Her ability to succeed, alone, being a woman without a college degree is what makes me think anything is possible. I am here because of her. (He is clearly a sweetheart!) 

What is the worst pick up line you have ever used?

The worst pick up line I have ever used was probably when I was little and used to watch the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and let’s just say the pick-up lines don’t work very well in the show or in real life!

What is the best pick up line you have ever used?

The best pick up line would be one where I didn’t use one because I didn’t need to. It would be one where I just connected with the girl I was talking to and we could talk for a long time without realizing the time going by.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Jessica Alba, easy choice.

What would you say is your best attribute?

I would say my best attribute is that I am very loyal. I value loyalty a lot and think it is very underrated in this day and age. (Good answer!)

What is your idea of a perfect date?

My idea of a perfect date would be to go pick up my date at her house and take her to the movies. Then we would have dinner at a nice place and then talk for a while. After getting to know each other my favorite type of date would be to stay at home, order pizza, and watch TV Shows! (We can all agree that his girlfriend is one lucky girl!)

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