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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

To FIU’s newest freshmen,

Your entry into FIU is going to be different than what you expected. Given the current position of the world, you are not going to be able to get the full “freshman” experience with orientation, walking around the campus, or starting the summer term. Despite that, there are some important things to keep in mind before you begin your journey at FIU.

First and for most, take your courses seriously. Don’t “slack off” because you are a freshman- this is the year to really give yourself a high GPA! Find a spot on campus where you can just sit down and study (whether it’s the library, a table in a building, inside Mango, etc.) without getting distracted. It can be hard to study anywhere, but if you find that studying on campus just seems impossible for you, make sure to take the time at home.

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Next, appreciate the freedom. School before was crowded walkways, planned lunches, and uniforms. Enjoy the ability to work and move at your own schedule. Take into account your work or other responsibilities you have when making your schedule. Speaking of your schedule, get to know some kids in your classes who have the same major as you. They can be a big help when it comes to figuring out what class to take next if you can’t get an appointment with your advisor (but you always should!).

Get involved. FIU has so many involvements like Panther Camp, Greek Life, Homecoming, Relay for Life, and many CSO clubs (and of course, we can’t forget Her Campus). Do some online browsing to see what involvements interest you and you can see yourself enjoying while at FIU. 

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Along the lines of getting involved, make sure to have some school spirit. Go to FIU’s sports games, the Student Programming Council (SPC)’s events that they hold specifically for FIU students, have fun during Homecoming week, go to pageants, or even wear an FIU t-shirt around. This is going to be your campus for the next couple of years, enjoy it!

College is going to be one of the fastest things you’ll ever experience. Semesters make classes come and go and before you know it, you’ve applied for graduation. Enjoy every second and make the most of it. Go Panthers!

Emma is a sophomore at Florida International University studying Broadcast Media. She is from Miami and loves entertainment (music, tv shows, movies) and hopes to become an entertainment reporter after college. She is also involved on campus in her Panhellenic Council organization.