7 Fleetwood Mac Songs for Your Every Mood


As someone who’s an old soul I’m an avid listener of older music, especially from the 70s. There’s just something about the music from that era that really resonates with me. The rhythm and beat of disco music automatically puts me in a good mood. Legendary groups such as Queen and the Bee Gees also formed in the 70s and the music of both of these groups continues to be played and appreciated today. 

However, my favorite band from the 70s and probably my favorite band of all time is Fleetwood Mac. This rock band formed in 1967, and achieved worldwide stardom following the release of their hit album Rumours in 1977. As cheesy as this may sound, there are not enough words to describe how majestic and timeless Fleetwood Mac’s music is. The themes of love, heartbreak, female empowerment, and perseverance are found and beautifully expressed in their songs. It’s incredible how you can fully experience the raw emotions of the band members on each track. 

If you’re an old soul like me and want to discover some new “old” music, or if you’ve literally never heard of Fleetwood Mac before, (which if you haven’t... I’m judging you hard right now) here are some of my top favorite songs that are perfect for dancing in front of your mirror or crying to, whatever you’re in the mood for!

1) When you need motivation: Skies The Limit (1990) 

I actually discovered this song back in April when I was a senior in high school. It was that point in my senior year where the final destination (graduation day!) was so close, yet it still felt so far away. I was ready to move on and start a new chapter in my life, yet I was still unsure of where I wanted to attend college. I was stressed, nervous, and truthfully, just unmotivated in terms of studying and getting things done. This song came to me at the perfect time. The lyrics “The sky is the limit now/ We can hit it on the nail / And when we do, I’ll think about you/ How can we fail?” perfectly embody persistence when times are tough, or when the world is saying “You can’t.” We can be so hard on ourselves, and sometimes all we need is a little reminder that we can indeed achieve what we set our minds to. At the end of it all, the sky is the limit.  

2) When you’re feeling down: Landslide (1975) and/or Songbird (1977) 

Okay listen, I don’t recommend listening to sad music to make yourself even more gloomy and miserable. But let’s be real, we’re all guilty of doing it from time to time. These next two emotional roller-coasters of songs are the definition of I need a good cry and I need some sad music to accompany me

“Landslide” was released in 1975 and was written by the legendary lead singer Stevie Nicks. Nicks wrote this song during a time of confliction in her life, and her feelings of confusion and fear are evident throughout the song. This song is one of those songs that I try not to listen to often because well, first of all it’s sad, and second it just has so much meaning to me that I don’t want to lose the meaning by listening to it over and over again, if that makes any sense. The lyrics that get me every time are“Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love? / Can the child within my heart rise above? / Can I sail through the changin’ ocean tides? / Can I handle the seasons of my life?” Our lives have many seasons: seasons of growth, seasons of happiness, seasons of change. It can be difficult to navigate through these seasons, especially since they can change so abruptly. 

“Songbird”, written and performed by Christine McVie, is an emotional ballad that will pull at your heartstrings. McVie wrote this song in the midst of her divorce with her then husband John McVie, who is also a member of Fleetwood Mac. The way I interpret this song is having to let go of someone you deeply care about. Losing and grieving someone, dead or alive, is something that unfortunately, many of us have to cope with. This song reminds me of the people that I’ve lost in my life, and I listen to it when I’m missing these people a little more than usual. The lyrics “And I wish you all the love in the world / But most of all, I wish it from myself” are probably my favorite throughout the whole song. They are reminders that at the end of the day, all you can do is cherish and appreciate the memories shared with the ones you’ve lost. Pain is temporary; love is eternal. 


3) When you’re so full of joy you can’t contain yourself: Little Lies and Everywhere (1987) 

Now to lighten up the mood a bit, let’s talk about some songs that you need to put on repeat when you’re feeling extra happy! 

“Little Lies” and “Everywhere” are both tracks off of the Tango of the Night album. There isn’t much to say about these two classics; you just have to listen to them on full blast and appreciate the beauty with your own ears. 

“Little Lies” is a catchy, upbeat song with the synthesizer as the main instrument. It was written by Christine McVie, and it’s one of Fleetwood Mac’s most underrated songs. 

“Everywhere”, also written by Christine McVie, is one of those songs that is so unique and enchanting. I’ve never heard a song that can make me feel relaxed and happy all at the same time. It’s truly timeless. 


4) When you need empowerment: Gypsy (1982) 

As women, we are constantly being knocked down and told that we are not good enough, pretty enough, or enough in general. Blessings such as social media and the Internet can become curses, and can damage our self-esteems and senses of self-confidence. It can be difficult to remain positive all the time in a world where perfection, a non-existent concept, is deemed as most worthy. 

When you have those moments where you feel like everything is crumbling down, Gypsy is the track to play.

Gypsy essentially has two meanings. Stevie Nicks wrote this song as a nostalgic remembrance to her humble beginnings and life before fame. When her best friend died of cancer, Nicks dedicated this song to her memory. 

The nostalgia in this song is so powerful that it can honestly take you back to your own roots. Every time I play this song, it brings me back to my early childhood years in Virginia. I think back to being so young and having no idea where my future would take me. I feel empowered thinking of how far I’ve come, and excited for where I’m going. 

I interpret the lyrics “To the gypsy / That remains / Her face says freedom / With a little fear / I have no fear / I have only love” as keeping your younger self in mind throughout your life, especially during trials and tribulations. As kids, we are so full of wonder. Nothing is impossible, and we come up with grand plans for our lives. But as we grow older, reality creeps in, and we all encounter and endure different battles that may interfere with our plans. 

This song is a reminder to continue pushing through when you feel like giving up. You are destined for greatness and prosperity in your life. Your younger self is rooting for you. Your future self is counting on you. 

5) When you feel literally any type of emotion: Dreams (1977)

“Dreams” is one of Fleetwood Mac’s most popular songs. Written by Stevie Nicks in about 10 minutes, this break-up song addresses her ex-boyfriend and band-mate Lindsey Buckingham. 

“Dreams” evokes all types of emotions. It can make you feel happy and sad at the same time, or one or the other. The lyrics can make you feel down in the dumps, yet also empowered and hopeful. I’m telling you, the magic of music is incredible. 

My favorite lyrics of the song are the chorus: “Thunder only happens when it’s raining / Players only love you when they’re playing / Say women they will come and they will go / when the rain washes you clean you’ll know”. Anyone can interpret these words in their own way. Although they were written for an ex-partner, I see them to be applicable to many different situations one may encounter in life. 

I didn’t mention all of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs because this article would be about 20 pages long, but I hope that it inspired you to take a listen to this wonderful band! Music is an extraordinary way of channeling and expressing emotions, and Fleetwood Mac’s music is definitely a testimony of the power of music. 


Fleetwood Mac is currently on tour, and is performing at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida on February 20th, 2019 at 8PM