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6 Disney Childhood Celebrities you Forgot About

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Our childhoods were filled with many Disney stars and characters that grew up to be some of the biggest icons out there today. From stars ranging from Demi Lovato to Zac Efron, we can see how these celebrities made their debut in the stardom industry. However, what about those childhood favorites that didn’t continue to play a huge role in the spot light? Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane of 6 Disney stars that you may or may not have loved during your childhood years.



If we weren’t already in love with Zac Efron, we were also in love with the curly haired basketball star on ‘High School Musical‘. As much as we may have loved his curly fro back in our younger years, it sadly didn’t get to live up to this present day. Corbin Bleu is now happily married to his wife, Sasha Clements, and can be found taking it easy and travelling on his Instagram page @corbinbleu.



Speaking of High School Musical, if you didn’t already know, he was the voice behind all of Troy’s parts in the first movie. If you didn’t know this, sorry to let you down this way. Drew Seeley also sung in many of Disney’s ‘Music Mania’ soundtracks. Of course, how could we forget the phenomenal ‘Another Cinderella Story’ movie costarred with Selena Gomez.



She may not be completely forgotten because she sure has been shaking things up. Bella Thorne’s stardom officially took off with the hit Disney show, ‘Shake it Up’ with Zendaya. These days, Bella could be found in quite a few online predicaments, but none the less, she continues to be her most authentic self and could care less about people’s perceptions of her. Bella has not only released new music but she also has a new book released with merch such as shirts and hoodies for it as well.



RICOOOOOO! Does that bring back any flashbacks? The tiny business owner on Hannah Montana, better known as ‘Rico’ is surely not the same person anymore. Moises is also known to be a close friend of Jaden Smith as well. Now Moises can be found on Instagram @490tx with his love for a black and white theme aesthetic, and visually appealing photography photos.




Alyson Stoner worked with Demi Lovato on the 2008 Disney movie, ‘Camp Rock.’ This past year her dance performance for Missy Elliott’s VMA’s went viral and many praised her fresh dance moves. Some however turned one segment of the performance into a meme which also went viral as well. She then made an appearance on the Ellen show in September 2019 to catch up the rest of the world of how her life has been going after being out of the spotlight for so long.



Can you believe this girl is now officially 21? It literally feels like we were just watching her on ‘The Game Plan’ and ‘Cory in the House.’ Madison was an absolute ball of sunshine on these nostalgic movies and many people did not notice how quickly she grew. With over 3.6 million followers on Instagram, she can be found living her life one day at a time.


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