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5 Tips for Long Distance Relationships

5 Tips for Long Distance Relationships

If a year ago you told me I’d be doing long distance…. I wouldn’t of believed you. Not because I don’t think long distance works– it absolutely can–it’s just, I’m kind of the most emotional person to ever exist (definitely not a perk of being a Cancer). Therefore, I always told myself long distance was not for me. Obviously things changed: I fell in love (sounds so cliche, I know), graduated high school and my boyfriend and I took different paths for college. We both knew that breaking up wasn’t an option.. And now look where I am– six months later writing an article about long distance! Although it’s definitely been quite a journey, I am still learning on how to work on this so called long distance thing. Here are five tips from what I’ve learned during the past six months.


1. Be Creative

Who says because you’re doing long distance, you can’t go on dates? UMM, you definitely can! Let me just thank Facetime for a second, because without it, I don’t know what I’d do. With apps such as Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts or whatever you prefer, it makes long distance 1000x easier. You can call your significant other when doing errands, maybe have a lunch date, study together, or plan a movie night! The other day, my boyfriend shared his screen with me through Google Hangouts and we watched Shane Dawson conspiracy theories– cheesy, but it was such an entertaining and relaxing way to de-stress from the pile of work college has thrown.



2. Work on becoming a better YOU!

Don’t let the setback of long distance hold you back from pursuing your goals, reaching for the future you’ve always dreamed of, and becoming the best version of yourself! Let this time apart be a time to explore and pursue your interests, while also being your partner’s #1 fan as they do the same. As you both grow as individuals, remind yourself that you are both growing and becoming better for yourselves and for each other.

3. Planning, planning, and planning!

Thankfully my boyfriend is only a three and a half hour drive from me, but I know not all circumstances are the same for everyone. My advice to you is have something to look forward to always! Once you see each other, try and figure out when the next time you’re going to see each other will be. Plan exciting things to do, places to go, movies to watch, and more.  Counting down the days until you see each other again brings so much anticipation and excitement into the relationship! Or, if you can, surprise your significant other! The other day, I was in an oversized sweatshirt with baggy shorts and a messy bun waiting for the so called “pizza” my mom ordered me. To my surprise, as I went and opened the door..there was no pizza–something better–my boyfriend! My boyfriend was standing right in front of with flowers in his hands and let’s just say I felt like the happiest girl alive! So yes, I definitely 10/10 recommend surprising your significant other.

4. Appreciate the little things

When getting into a long distance relationship, you begin to appreciate the little things more and more. From good morning and good night texts, to receiving random Facetime calls just to say “I love you,” to everything else in between– all the little things add up to something so special and beautiful. It’s important to reassure your partner how much you love and appreciate them, so make sure to find some time out of your day to let them know!

5. Communication is KEY

Basic, I know, the typical “communication is essential” tip. BUT REALLY, it is so so essential! Something I’ve noticed since I’ve started doing long distance is how important quality communication is. Being raw with your emotions, reassuring them why and how much you love them, and even talking about the little things like their day are so important in regards to maintaining a healthy long distance relationship. If something is bothering you, tell them. If something they did made you happy, tell them!! Not only does expressing your emotions helps you feel more in touch with the relationship, but it lets you feel much more free!

Luisa is a freshman at Florida International University majoring in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications. Not only does she love to write, but she enjoys a good aesthetic. She loves to travel, find cute spots in Miami (or elsewhere), take photos wherever she goes, and especially being Colombian, she loves to have her daily dose of coffee!
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