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5 Things You Should Know About Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a rapidly growing trend which we are now seeing more and more of, whether it be through promotions, social media influencers, or even our own friends sharing what goodies they have received. As these posts continue catching our attention showing off all their cute items, we become more inclined to sign up; which, some of us have probably already filled out the questionnaires they ask trying to see what the boxes truly have to offer. However, before you subscribe because you just cannot wait to get one in the mail, here are a few things you should know about subscription boxes:


  1. There are subscription boxes for literally everything you can possibly think of. There are boxes for clothing, jewelry, makeup, shoes, beauty supplies, funny socks, crystals, doggie toys and treats, even wine and beef jerky. (And they could possibly make a good gift for the upcoming holidays. ?)

  2. Some boxes do not consist of only paying the subscription amount and that’s it you’re good to go. For boxes such as the clothing and jewelry ones, you may have to pay for each individual item you choose to keep. These items are usually at a lower price than what they would cost simply buying them directly from the store, and the amount paid for subscription would be credited from the total.

  3. Not all boxes are a monthly subscription, which is the most common assumption. Boxes such as FabFitFun are a quarterly subscription, and there are others which are only twice a year.

  4. When you sign up for a subscription, they offer you either a payment per box option or an annual payment. In some cases the annual payment option is actually a better deal; because, although you are paying for a years’ worth subscription, they will either offer you a price where they won’t be charging you for what would be two boxes worth for example or you are saving money on extra fees per box.

  5. There are some subscription boxes that give back to charity such as Cause Box. With every month you pay for these subscriptions either a portion is being given to a cause or they give food, clothing, etc. which are generally the same items you are receiving.


Before committing to a box, it is always best to check out the reviews from subscribers as they sometimes share which goodies they receive. Plus, on some sites you can even find coupons for your first box.


For great reviews, information, coupons, and different types of box options, I highly suggest checking out:  https://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/


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