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5 Safe Ways to Spend a Socially Distant Halloween With Friends

Halloween is near! COVID-19 can’t keep those spooky, scary skeletons and wicked witches from having their fun. If you aren’t sure how to spend Halloween2020 safely with friends, don’t worry. Here’s how you can utilize Discord and other apps to make sure you and your ghouls are safe during Halloween 2020.

Spooky Book Club

Celebrate these last few weeks of October by reading a scary book along with your friends! On Halloween, talk about the book or watch a movie based on it on Discord. 

Some great reads are:

“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by Ransom Riggs

“Mexican Gothic” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

“The Shining” by Stephen King

If you and you’re friends don’t have time to read any new books, don’t fret. Here’s a list of creepypastas you can pick from. Pick a story, or write your own, and read them out loud. The person who reads the scariest, most spine-tingling story is crowned Scream Queen.

Stay Up All Night Playing “Among Us”

Quarantine created the perfect condition for the 2018 game “Among Us” to rise to popularity. Spend Halloween playing this phenomenal game, stuffing your face with candy corn and betraying your friends’ trust. However, beware! This cursed game can start a fight between the closest of pals. It’s genuinely one of the most fun games on the market, though.

The best part is it’s accessible to everyone. If you don’t have a PC or laptop that can run it, don’t worry. You can download the free app on your phone. The game is cross-platform, so you can play with each other no matter if you choose to play on your phone or computer. While the mobile app is free, you have to buy it to download it on your computer. Luckily, Steam sells it for $4.99.

You can play with up to nine other people. Use Discord to create a group call and play with friends.

Horror Marathon

You can use Netflix Party to watch your favorite horror movies with friends and families.

Discord allows you to stream your screen while in voice chat. Streaming creepy YouTube videos or movies, and shows on Hulu together can set the perfect mood for Halloween night. 

Halloween Care Package
halloween cupcake boxes
Photo Courtesy of Baked By Melissa

Add some extra fun by sending each other Halloween care packages! Instead of Secret Santa, you can be someone’s Scary Santa.
Send each other candy, socks, or Halloween treats.

Target has these adorable potion jars and stuffed pumpkins that only cost $1. They add the perfect Halloween vibe to any gift. You can also send friends something with Uber Eats.

If you live near FIU, a restaurant called Raffa’s Cupcakes has these delicious blueberry lavender cupcakes, rich red velvet cupcakes and the most incredible chocolate chip cookies. They’re heavenly and make the perfect snack to eat while watching horror movies.

Play Jack Box and Drink!

If you or someone you know owns any of the Jackbox party packs, Halloween is the perfect time to bring them out! This option works best if the person who owns the game can stream it directly from their PC.

All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection and you’re ready to play. If you’re old enough to drink, you can raise the stakes by turning it into a drinking game.

For example, if you’re playing Trivia Murder Party:

– Take a shot every time someone dies

– Take a sip whenever you get an answer wrong 

– Finish your drink when you lose a challenge

If you don’t own any of the Jackbox Party packs, but you’re interested in buying one, make sure you get the right one that fits your group! There are currently seven packs that each contain different games. 

If you can’t get together with your friends this year, don’t worry! What’s important right now is your safety. However, just because we’re stuck in quarantine doesn’t mean we don’t have options. Halloween can still be fun and spooky, you just got to get creative. 

Julia Gomez is a student of journalism at Florida International University and hopes to become an investigative journalist. She is experienced in writing about politics and pop culture, and has a passion for music and photography.
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