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5 Reasons You Should Get Involved On Campus

College is a very special time in everyone’s life, it gives you the chance to experience more than you could’ve imagined in the first place! You can have the opportunity to play a sport for your university, you could join a social organization, academic organizations specific to your majors, philanthropic involvement, and so much more. I get it, coming into a huge university can seem scary, and getting out of your shell could be even more intimidating! However, I can promise you that nothing prepares you more for a world of endless opportunities like college involvements can, and here’s why!

1. Learn so much about yourself

        As you take on these involvements you assume more responsibilities outside your everyday class regimen, you become further able to take on leadership roles and acquire confidence in your abilities. Talking from personal experience, involvement helped me get out of my comfort zone and do something I never thought I could see myself doing 5 years ago! Getting involved also improves your time management skills (major key alert!) and possibly help you develop skills you never knew you had!

2. Meet incredible people

        This was definitely one of my favorite reasons to get involved. Without even knowing it I met people who lit a fire in my soul to do better, better not only for me but for our community! My passion for people and the things around us grew like wildfire, I can only hope that everyone who gets a chance to join any involvement has an experience like this. You also have a chance to form lifelong bonds with the people who believe in the same things as you, and a chance to become close to the faculty and staff at your university.

3. Network 

              By immersing yourself in any involvement you’re simultaneously immersing yourself into your university. You become familiar with what resources have to offer are and how can you use them in your life as a collegiate student and proud alumni! Getting involved also helps strengthen your communication skills and create a smooth transition from student to employee post-graduation.

 4. Become a part of something greater than yourself

    On top of gaining the sense of community involvements bring amongst your university community, you can also impact the surrounding local community.

5. You’ll have fun

    Last, but not least getting involved is good for the soul! You’ll gain a sense of purpose at your university and a want to continue to help flourish those around you!


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