5 Places you MUST Visit During the Winter!

The winter season is slowly sneaking up on us and it happens to be so many people’s favorite time of the year! Who doesn’t love getting ready for cozy weather, warm drinks, and thrilling festivities? If you’re someone who hasn’t travelled during the winter and you’re wondering where you should spend the upcoming season, there are 5 basic must go to places that everyone should experience at least once in their life time during the winter. Some of them may seem very cliché but they’re still loved all around!


Colorado has amazing mountains that are perfect for skiing and sledding! If you’ve never done either, they have some amazing beginners’ courses at different site locations. Especially, if you’re interested in doing a family bonding trip, Colorado has some gorgeous cabins or ski resorts that you can find on the low if you book them ahead of time! You can also go hiking in the mountains if that’s something you’re interested in but be sure to keep track of where you’re going—you don’t want to get lost while you’re on vacation!



There had to be at least one place on this list to take you outside of the U.S. Niagara Falls is located in the gorgeous city of Ontario and during the winter it’s an absolutely beautiful sight! However, be sure to pack the heaviest coat you can find because the waters from The Falls tends to cause a tremendous drop in temperature (colder than it already would be during the winter)! All over Canada there’s also this amazing place called Tim Horton’s and you can think of it as the upgraded version of a Starbucks. From phenomenal hot chocolates and coffees to delicious warmed up chocolate chip muffins, Tim Horton’s is a must if you decide to visit Canada. Some other northern states have Tim Horton’s too but those Canadians really know how to add the flavor! There’s also a Canadian special dish that you can find at their local malls called Poutine. It’s basically French fries with gravy on top—it sounds super weird and unappealing but if you try it, you’ll absolutely fall in love with it.



Chicagoooo! Chicagoooo! An amazing city with so many touristy spots that are enhanced for the winter! One place in specific is the Chicago SkyDeck near Willis Tower which is basically an entire glass walkway with an outstanding view of the whole city. You can see the entire city covered in snow from high up above. Don’t forget to also visit Chicago’s Millennium park where you can find their monumental sculpture “Cloud Gate” or otherwise known as the Chicago Bean. Nearby is also the Navy Pier and during the winter they have the Winter Wonrfest and the Pier is transformed into a magestic wonderland! These are some incredibly great places to take some artsy pictures with snow falling in the background. Also don't forget to stop for some mouth-watering deep dish pizza on the way! Some places that's known to serve the best deep dishes are Pequod's Pizza nd Pizano's Pizza & Pasta!



Ahh, San Fran—home of the Golden Gate Bridge. Even though it doesn’t necessarily snow here during the winter, it’s still a breathtaking sight to see! San Francisco also has the sea lions which can be found at Pier 39, one of the best tourist spots! Around Pier 39 are also some nice local museums nearby such as Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. The food here is exceptional as well. If you get the chance, try the warmed-up clam chowder in a bread bowl that tastes heavenly during the cold weather! This can be found at some of the food stands and restaurants near the Pier.



What would this list be without the classic New York City? It’s one thing to visit here during the spring or summer, but during the winter it’s one of the most beautiful sights that you’ll ever see. If you’ve never seen snow before there’s something about New York that makes it feel completely magical. It kind of feels like you’re in one of those Christmas movies that takes place in New York City with all the beautiful lights and action all around you. While you’re here, you should check out The Rink at Rockefeller Center. The outside rink gets hundreds and thousands of people skating on it every single winter season. It’s one of those places you want to eventually cross off on your bucket list! Also, while you’re here there’s nothing better than checking out some good Broadway shows if you’re into it! Most importantly, don’t forget to check out Times Square—there’s always some entertaining street performances that you’re going to want to see up close!