5 Jewelry Pieces Every Girl Needs

Lately, I have been obsessing over jewelry. When I was younger, I thought it was a nuisance, as the bracelets I wore made noise when I would write my essays, or how that one ring would squeeze my finger in a weird way. However, now I have realized that jewelry is just another way to accessorize and spice up any outfit. In this article, I'm going to give you some of my favorite pieces that I have collected over the past few years to give you an idea on what is trending and what pieces I think every college woman needs.  

  1. 1. Pandora Bracelets

    These bracelets have been around for a while now, however I just bought one for myself. This charm bracelet is so beautiful to me because you slowly build your story on your bracelet whether it be your hobbies, places you've been, or your favorite foods. On my bracelet, I have my first name initial, a music note, a suitcase, and a vintage car. All of which I feel describe me as a person. I love to sing, I love to travel, and I love vintage music and clothes. What I also find beautiful about this bracelet is seeing someone else's bracelet and seeing how their life lies in their wrist. Another great thing about them is that they look great layered with a simple watch and they comes in silver, gold, and rose gold. Not only that, but Pandora constantly puts out new charms. 

  2. 2. Puka Shell Necklaces

    I have seen puka shell necklaces absolutely everywhere. Although this style of jewelry is more of a summer item, I still think these necklaces are delegate and beautiful, especially when they are gold plated. Again, they look even nicer when they are layered with other delicate gold necklaces. 

  3. 3. Tiffany Heart Tag Earrings

    Every girl loves Tiffany. Personally, I think it is a classic brand of jewelry that envelopes the luxury of New York City. I am obsessed with my heart tag earrings because they are so classy and simple and are not too big or small. If you match the earrings with a heart tag necklace it looks even more beautiful. I actually was gifted these earrings from my parents for my 16th birthday and I haven't stopped wearing them since.

  4. 4.  Stackable Rings 

    This is a must for every woman. They elongate the fingers and they make a great accessory for pretty much every occasion. Whether it is cocktail, formal, casual, or business attire, they make anyone look even more put together. This style of rings can be found on sites like Pandora, Tiffany & Co, or Swarovski. The best part is that you can even mix and match metal colors and the outcome is beautiful.

  5. 5. Hoops

    I know I have said that previous jewelry pieces were a must but every girl needs hoops. Hoops can spice up any look especially since they range in thickness and sizes. Smaller hoops are dainty and can make the face looks more feminine. If they are larger and thinner they bring back a 90s hip-hop vibe and are great for clubbing. 

Overall, there are several  pieces of jewelry that are trending at the moment, but I believe the ones I mentioned are the classic necessities that captures the femininity of women's style. Whether it's earrings, rings, bracelets, or necklaces, they all work together to make one look more elegant.