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5 Classic Fashion Pieces Your Wardrobe MUST Have

Little Black Dress

Ah, the timeless LBD. The beauty about this item is that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion or the go-to last resort if you’re racking your brain about what to wear. Whether it be for a wedding or other formal events to a more casual outing like lunch with friends or even a movie date, you’ll never encounter those “WTF is she wearing” glares from others. You can style your LBD with a pair of statement pumps if you’re seeking a fancier look or sneakers if you know you’re going walk long distances. If you’re experiencing cooler weather and want to bundle up but still look fashionable, throw in a biker jacket or an oversized cardigan with your favorite winter boots, both knee or ankle-high is acceptable. And to accessorize? Anything ranging from a simple silver pendant necklace or anything minimalistic to something gaudier and show stopping depending on the event. Black symbolizes the color of elegance. Use it to your advantage.

White Sneakers

What seems to be one of the most basic items that anyone could own is actually one of the most practical AND stylish. Yes, THE white sneaker. What makes this shoe particularly stand out from the rest is that it can be incorporated into ANY outfit. So that eye-catching mini hot pink dress that you just had to have but are now struggling to find a decent pair of shoes to match? Or on-the-go and need to throw an outfit together quickly? The answer to all of your problems is white sneakers. Not only can the shoe blend with nearly every clothing piece under the sun (yes, even overalls), but you’re guaranteed to remain comfortable too. Common brands where you can snag a pair to add to your everyday wardrobe include Adidas, Superga, Nike and Kenneth Cole. Happy shopping!

Dark Wash Jeans

Now, this one seems pretty self-explanatory. Owning too much denim doesn’t exist, so why not add another pair to your already mounting ensemble? The importance of dark wash jeans is similar to that of the “little black dress.” It blends with any outfit and can cater to your style preference. Whether it be skinny jeans for a tight, figure-hugging look, boyfriend jeans for a casual, laid-back aesthetic, or a low-rise pair for an early 2000s throwback vibe, dark wash jeans will always remain “in” while other fashion trends come and go.

Black Blazer

As a college student who is actively involved in the entry-level and internship workforce, formal interviews will be a part of my life as I navigate the college journey (and beyond). I need to have business casual attire, which is necessary when meeting a potential boss and future co-workers. With that being said, a blazer is always on my checklist when updating my wardrobe as my style tastes evolve. Black represents elegance, remember? Black blazers are classic in the sense that, for one, it gives off the impression that you are professional and know how to dress accordingly, but this item can also match with other articles on this list like dark wash jeans and white sneakers. Throw it all together with your favorite printed or graphic tee, and voila! You’re ready to slay the day. It is also important to note the variations between single and double-breasted blazers and matching the appropriate one for your height and body type. Sometimes fittings are also necessary to guarantee a finished and flawless appearance.

Everyday Eyewear 

Sunglasses don’t have to be worn only during the summertime. They can be used in your daily wear, giving a “pop” to your outfit and ultimately elevate your wardrobe as well. Sunglasses can also display a sense of mystique and is useful if you aren’t in the mood to dress up fully. Throwing on a matching tracksuit or loungewear set with a pair of your favorite shades will do. To find the perfect match, it is necessary to try them on first before your purchase so that you know they’ll work for you before you’re stuck with an item that may be difficult to return. There are several quick ways to determine which particular shade(s) will match. A site like Sunglass Warehouse can provide useful information to decide the best eyewear for you.

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