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420 Space Yoga: Free Yoga Class in Miami

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The 420 complimentary yoga class is a one of a kind experience held every Saturday at Space Park Miami. The yoga class starts exactly at 4:20 and lasts about an hour or so. If you are unfamiliar with the practice, don’t worry because the yogis and instructors are there to guide you through your journey. The class is usually led by Tiffany, Nick or Parker and includes amazing background vibes and sounds by dj Lucaz. Tiffany and her crew have built a community; they have encouraged many to come out of their comfort zone and get in touch with their bodies. My favorite part of the event is how friendly and welcoming the environment is. The practice can get quite intense, however, you can go at your own pace and try the yoga poses to the best of your ability. 420 Space Yoga is usually hosted at Space Park Miami, where (on a sunny day) you can enjoy the open air and awesome weather Miami has to offer. After the class, you can spend your afternoon exploring the Trippy Market at Space Park. At the Trippy Market you can find a variety of food vendors, mini shops and even live entertainment! Due to Miami’s unpredictable weather, the free of charge yoga class is occasionally moved to Club Space. At the club you receive the same ambience from the crew, and you feel a coziness of everyone coming together. When the class starts it is astonishing watching everyone do the moves altogether. Yogi Tiffany usually ends her practices with words of wisdom and meditation to encourage the community to destress from their struggles. 420 Space Yoga is definitely one of my top recommended activities to do in Miami. And oh, did I mention it was free?

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