4 Ways to Prepare for Thanksgiving

4 Ways to Prepare for Thanksgiving

Now that October is over, the month of all things spooky, everyone is jumping into playing Christmas music, planning wishlists, and getting into the Christmas feel. With all that excitement, it’s easy to forget that Thanksgiving is coming up due to Christmas, oh and let’s not forget Black Friday (where people tend to get a liiiitle crazy). Therefore, with all this frenzy coming up, it’s important to stop, think, and reflect on all the good things in your life and be grateful for it all, big and small. Since Thanksgiving is all about gratitude—here are some ways to practice kindness throughout the month of November.


1. Random Act of Kindness

With everything going on in the world, it’s easy to feel like there’s no hope or kindness left. But, everyone has the power to impact the world in a positive way, even through the little things. Start by doing a random act of kindness—it can be to anyone: a friend, a stranger, a family member.. literally ANYONE! There are no limits when it comes to kindness so here are some ideas of a little act of kindness that can go a long way!

  • Pay for someone’s meal
  • Write a letter of love and encouragement 
  • Radiate happiness by smiling!!!
  • Donate to a charitable cause 
  • Give someone a hug!!!
  • Express gratitude towards the people you love

2. Check in with old friends

Being in college and constantly having a busy schedule tends to make talking with friends (especially ones you don’t see everyday) a tad bit difficult. It’s important to understand that everyone has busy and hectic lives, but it doesn’t hurt to pop in and ask how they’re doing. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, that means everyone is coming home to celebrate with their families! This is the perfect time to text or call your friends, and see if there’s anytime you guys could possibly see each other and catch up. 


3. Compliment a stranger

You’re probably thinking, “um, complimenting a stranger.. isn’t that a little weird?” In reality, the act of kindness is so so important! It’s what unites people—therefore, throwing in a compliment that can range from what they’re wearing to any aspect of their personality to even traits that you notice—those are all ways that can really impact somebody’s day. Create the idea that kindness should be implemented in your daily life, and that will definitely create an impact on your mindset. As many would say, “throw kindness around like confetti!”


4. Work on selflessness

We live in a society where it’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives, that it can be quite easy to not pay attention to our surroundings . For that reason, it’s important to ask yourself, “how can I be a better human?” Well, along with all the other tips above, learning how to be selfless is a good way to start. Make sure to be there for others, put other’s needs before your own, be empathetic towards others, lend a helping hand when possible—honestly, there are infinite ways to be a selfless person. But, in the midst of helping others, do not forget to take care of yourself as well!