4 Benefits of Commuting to College

If you’re a senior in high school and debating on whether or not you should live on campus or commute, I think the answer is pretty obvious. Let’s face it, college can be costly and any financial decision made in college could affect the rest of your life in either a positive or negative way. One way to save money throughout your four years is to commute to school instead of living on campus. Sure, you may fear of missing out on a “real college” experience by not living in the dorms, but there are many benefits to living on campus, especially here at FIU where 92% of the student body commutes. Below is a list of 4 benefits of commuting to college: 

1. Free housing 

Your bank account and future-self will thank you for living with your parents during your undergrad. The cost of dorms for both public and private universities is only going up. While living at home with your parents, you won’t have to worry about paying bills or taking out loans to pay for your housing. 

2. Privacy 

Sharing a bathroom and sometimes even a room with someone else can be a hassle, and your privacy is very limited. Living at home means enjoying the comfort of your own bedroom and bathroom every day. 

3. “Free” food

I put free in parenthesis because everyone’s guilting of buying food on campus because of the convenience. However, living at home relieves you of buying expensive food found on campus. You can have all three meals at home and brings snacks from home to class if you get hungry. Plus, living at home can lessen the temptation of eating unhealthy. 

4. Family Time 

Living at home means having the opportunity to spend more time with your family. Many college students who live on campus, especially those who attend college in another city or state, may experience intense feelings of homesickness. College is a time of discovering your passions while figuring out life as a young adult. Sometimes, college can be rough, and all you need is the support of your family. While living at home, this support will be constant and near to you every day. 

The commuter student lifestyle isn’t for everyone. However, you can still have an amazing and memorable college experience while living at home. College is what YOU make of it. Get involved, study hard, make friends, and have fun!