3 Products That Have Helped Save My Hair From Post-Covid Hair Loss

Several months after having had Covid, my hair has begun to “shed.” This is apparently a relatively common after-effect of certain infections and fevers. In efforts to stop my hair from falling out in chunks every time I touch it or brush it, I’ve tried to create somewhat of a consistent hair care routine. If these products can help with shedding, I think they’re worth trying out, even for just regular maintenance. 

Disclaimer: I am not a hair expert; these recommendations are based on my own experiences.

  1. Formula 18 uses pea peptide, resurrection plant, and tamarind. These are all ingredients whose extracts and peptides come together to help restore hair’s bonds. My hairstylist first recommended it to me when trying to save my hair from a year’s worth of harmful bleaching. It worked then, so I figured it would work now. The instructions say to leave in for only a few minutes, but I’ve tried leaving it in for a few hours. After one use, my hair didn’t shed for the next two days. 

  2. Another natural ingredients product, Vitiv, uses sacha inchi oil, chia seed oil, and ceramide lipid. It's meant to be an all-in-one vitamin, the same way we might take one multivitamin in the morning instead of taking each vitamin separately. Vitiv works as a leave-in conditioner for after washing but can also be used daily on damp or dry hair to restore moisture, shine, and protect from heat. I’ve used it both ways but prefer it on damp hair. For daily use, I find it works better to damp my hair first. Right before heat styling is my favorite way to use it. Fun fact: it’s a Miami gem.

  3. It only took one use for me to become as much of a fan as I have been for years of Negin Mirsalehi on Instagram. I had read the mixed reviews, and I do think everyone’s experience can be different. I decided to get the mini version on Sephora for just $25 compared to the full-size $80. I think that the people who say it’s done nothing for them maybe already have super hydrated healthy hair. My hair is quite the opposite- after a couple of days of having it in a claw clip, it becomes straw-like. It’s true when they say that a little goes a long way. I use about half a drop on the right side of my hair and half a drop on the left. After washing, masking, and using Vitiv, I comb the oil through my hair with my fingers instead of a brush. I apply it the same way after heat-styling and daily after brushing. For me, it adds instant shine, body, and bounce. I will say, if you’re looking for a potential inexpensive alternative, I recommend trying out blogger Jocelyn Castillo’s honey and aloe mask DIY steps.